6 July 2012

Urban Decay - Asphyxia (Reformulation)

On one of the shopping trips with R, she raved on and on about how she wanted this BareEscentuals eye shadow but found UD Asphyxia was a better version of it.  You can read her blab about it here.

Anyway, I swatched Asphyxia and omg, it's this unbelievable iridecsent violet that has an ever so slight blue sheen.  In some lightings, it looks a bit more blueberry purple, whereas in others, it looks a bit more pinky purple.

Alike UD Mushroom (reformulation), it has a velvet texture that is definitely not chalky.  The colour payoff isn't nearly as pigmented as Mushroom, but I prefer it that way... it'd be a bit Ursula otherwise.

Since I was completely sold on Asphyxia afterwards, I was determined to wait until I was in the states again before purchasing it.  Considering it's priced at $22 CAD/$18 USD even though the USD and CAD are at par (sometimes, the CAD higher), and I was bound to go down to the states several times during the Summer months, it wasn't too hard to hold myself back.

During the Canada Day/Independence Day long weekend, I went down to the states and crossed this baby off my wish list.

I also took a picture of Asphyxia in yellow lighting, where it reminds me of one of the exclusive colours in my Too Faced Liquif-Eye eye shadow palette.  However, Asphyxia has a much more even and fine pink-toned shimmer.  The two's textures are very similar but Asphyxia definitely has better pigmentation.
L-R: Too Faced exclusive purple, UD Asphyxia
As you can see, Asphyxia is pink violet rather than blue violet in the yellow lighting.  Nonetheless, it's still very flattering on all skin tones and suitable for both day and night wear.

Have you tried any of the UD reformulated eye shadows?

- M

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