20 July 2012

Damn you checkout impulse buys! - EOS lip balm (strawberry sorbet)

Yea... I'm sure EVERYBODY knows about the (over?)hyped brand of EOS (evolution of smooth).  They're the brand that came out of nowhere within the last year with this spheric ball of lip balm.
Of course, I rolled my eyes at the girls fighting each other to buy them at almost $5 CAD a pop as I continued to purchase my Nivea lip balms... but, secretly, I loved the shape of it (balls... lol, I'm not going to even...) and wanted to see whether it was really worth all of the hype.

I finally caved today.  I bought the Strawberry Sorbet flavour.  I blame my friend for this purchase because I was waiting for him to pay at Target (yea, I went down to the States again - I live ridiculously close to the border).  I, also, blame Target's strategic marketers and their placement of impulse buy items at the checkout.

Part of my reasoning for buying this is because one of my concerns regarding its hygiene was counter-argued by myself (I tend to argue with myself... wow, there's no way of saying that without sounding insane).
I was always concerned that it's un-clean to have the entire ball of lip balm out, but, I thought about how the same dirt or other shit that may collect on the EOS ball, can also collect on the tops of any Chapstick style of lip balm.  When you turn the Chapstick up, you're only applying the top (assume, dirty part) to your lips anyway.
I hope the above ramble makes some sort of human sense.
On the packaging, it says:
eos lip balm is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free.  Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.
Directions:  Twist off top.  Pucker up.  Smooth on.  Smile.
It also says that it's gluten-free and this product was not tested on animals.
Oooo, BALL
It has a cover inside the lid.
Smell:  It smells like a semi creamy and sweet strawberry; like a super light strawberry shortcake without the explosion of vanilla.
Taste:  It's sweet.
Application:  When you first apply it, it feels like you're rubbing a mozzarella ball against your lips.  Once you've warmed it up, it applies like any other lip balm.
Wear:  There was air conditioning blasting in the car the entire time and it didn't dry it out on my lips at all!  I was particularly impressed with this because my lip balms are usually weak against blasting a/c.  Even with drinking, it lasts for a few hours.  In case you were wondering, it doesn't last with eating.

Verdict:  I like it and will probably repurchase it, but only in the States at $2.99 USD, not the robbery at Canadian stores.  Overall, it's a nice lip balm that does its job, but at a way too overpriced price.

- M