25 July 2012

M's Summer Nails v.3.0 (aka. M has an Essie problem...)

Clearly, I don't have enough Summer nail polishes, even after post #1 and #2.

On the same Target trip as the EOS impulse buy, I picked up two more Essie nail polishes.  They are absolutely gorgeous colours and at $7.79 USD each (compared to $9.99 CAD), I pretty much had to get them.
Anyway, I picked up A Crewed Interest and Navigate Her.  Both are from Essie's Spring 2012 collection.

I would describe A Crewed Interest as the perfect nude peach.

When I was describing Navigate Her to my boy, I said light pastel duck shit green, and he was able to transcribe that into pastel matcha green.

I'm very happy about both of these - just the perfect nude-y peach and green that I've been looking for!
I've had A Crewed Interest on for a week.  I think I'm going to change it to Navigate Her tonight.

- M


  1. oh cool! those essie polishes look so cute! i find that the peachy polish looks a lot like Orange Soda lipstick by Nyx! :D anyway, queer way of swatching polishes1 so unique!

    1. I'm not too familiar with nyx lipsticks cuz they're hard to find :( I'll definitely look out for the shade though!