7 July 2012

Real Techniques Brushes - Core Collection

Ever since Real Techniques took the beauty blogger/youtuber space by storm and almost completely replaced the Sigma brushes, I knew I had to have their brushes... problem was they didn't sell in Canada. W.T.F.
Over twitter, I ranted to Samantha Chapman, who is part of the duo that is Pixiwoo.  She said that I could get them off Amazon.com but I didn't want am too cheap to pay extra for shipping and what not.  I figured I'll just picked them up in the states since I go pretty frequently.  Anyway, I did my research googled and found out which Ulta and Fred Meyer locations should have them.

During the long weekend, the boy and I drove past this hugeass Fred Meyer, so I knew they had to have them!  Of course, I cleaned out their shelf.  May have scared the shit out of the him - either cleaning the shelf or me brushing it against my face in the car probably did the job, haha.

The Core Collection was $17.99 USD.  I don't even wear foundation, but I had to have these.

L-R: Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush, Buffing Brush
The kit comes with a brush holder that can stand up
Look at how dense they are!
They're amazing quality and unbelievably soft!!

I've used the pointed foundation brush for under-eye concealer today and I think I'll be continuing quite a bit.  It moves from the inner corner to the outer corner really easily in a single glide and doesn't scratch at all.  I've never found a brush that was soft enough for my under eye area until now - even the softest brushes seemed to scratch!  The brush is also gentle enough to give my under eye area an airbrushed look.

I'll probably use the detailer brush for some spot concealing if I have any spots during the time of the month or for any hyper-pigmented areas where there were old spots.  I might try to use it as a eye shadow brush too - it is around the same size as my favourite eye shadow brush, Sigma E30 brush.

The contour brush fits underneath my cheekbones perfectly, so I might attempt to do some contouring with it.  (I don't ever contour - I don't even own a bronzer).  I'll probably use my Tarte Exposed blush as a "bronzer."

Funny thing is I have no idea how I am going to use the buffing brush.  It is quite the rage among the beauty community as a better brush than the Sigma F80 brush, but because I don't use foundation... Anyway, I'll work with it and see what I can do.

- M

Update: July 10th
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