8 July 2012

Real Techniques Brushes - Blush Brush (Photo Heavy)

As you may know, recently, I hauled some Real Techniques brushes from Fred Meyer (see my blab here).  One of the brushes is this Blush Brush at $8.99 USD.
See my post on the Core Kit here.

It's as fluffy as it looks.
I loooooooooooooooooooove this blush brush to bits! It's insanely fluffy and soft.  I love that it's so ginormous, so it fits my entire chubby bunny cheek.  

Compared to my current previous EcoTools blush brush, this Real Techniques one is different in every way.  I like the EcoTools one but I find that I have to almost buff the blush onto my cheek, because it sucks onto the product.  Also, I have to work to get enough product to stick onto the brush.  On the other hand, the Real Techniques blush brush hairs are cut in a tapered and layered way, so that when I dab it into my blush pan, every single hair gets product.  This product is then easily transferred to my cheek, without any buffing.  Because the hairs are loosely dense (oxymoron, I know...), they don't hold onto the product forever - this way I end up waste less product.  I always looked at more angled brushes for blush, but I find that I actually really like the more layered pencil brush type of shape of this Real Techniques one.

- M

Update:  July 10th
I just posted my review of the Real Techniques Powder Brush.  Read it here!

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