29 September 2013

Birthday Beauty Haul (from Hawaii)

Thank goodness for Hawaii's 4% sales tax.

... and the giant T Galleria Waikiki (formerly named DFS Galleria) that was a five minute walk from my hotel.
I stayed at the Westin Moana Surfrider at Waikiki -- highly recommend!

26 September 2013

Drugstore Haul

Popped into a Shopper's Drug Mart yesterday for some drugstore makeup snooping -- It's a while since I've lurked around the beauty aisles in a drugstore.

4 September 2013

REVIEW: LUSH Ocean Salt (face and body scrub)

Ocean Salt is one of LUSH's best sellers.  Being quite the avid face and body scrubber, I was always intrigued to try it...
But... at $21.95 CAD for 120g (and $35.95 for 250g), the price point was always a huge deterrent.  The idea of rubbing salt crystals on my body (hell no, on my face) scared me a little... and if I ended up hating the product, I didn't want to have wasted $20 minimum!

When I went into LUSH a month--or, maybe it was two months ago--for a new tub of Love Lettuce (my review), I was really good with the usual polite declines of Do you need anything else? Do you need a new cleanser to go with your Love Lettuce?... until, I was at the till.  DAMN YOU PLACED-NEXT-TO-CASH REGISTER-IMPULSE-BUYS!
I was sold on this 'Beach Box' summer promotion... Honestly, I was just sold on the fact that there was a small tub of Ocean Salt to try out haha... The Beach Box was $29.95 and came with a chuckload of stuff.