4 September 2013

REVIEW: LUSH Ocean Salt (face and body scrub)

Ocean Salt is one of LUSH's best sellers.  Being quite the avid face and body scrubber, I was always intrigued to try it...
But... at $21.95 CAD for 120g (and $35.95 for 250g), the price point was always a huge deterrent.  The idea of rubbing salt crystals on my body (hell no, on my face) scared me a little... and if I ended up hating the product, I didn't want to have wasted $20 minimum!

When I went into LUSH a month--or, maybe it was two months ago--for a new tub of Love Lettuce (my review), I was really good with the usual polite declines of Do you need anything else? Do you need a new cleanser to go with your Love Lettuce?... until, I was at the till.  DAMN YOU PLACED-NEXT-TO-CASH REGISTER-IMPULSE-BUYS!
I was sold on this 'Beach Box' summer promotion... Honestly, I was just sold on the fact that there was a small tub of Ocean Salt to try out haha... The Beach Box was $29.95 and came with a chuckload of stuff.


Colour:  this really pretty swirl of blue-green... chlorine-like haha

Scent:  fresh, with light citrus

Texture:  bigger salt crystals at the surface of the tub (as shown in above photo), and finer crystals at the bottom of the tub

Verdict:  It was a meh scrub--I didn't find my skin particularly smoother or softer afterwards.  Mostly, it just dried out my skin... usually, I don't have to moisturize my body after a scrub, but my skin was super tight and a bit scaly with Ocean Salt.  I wouldn't re-purchase this.

- M


  1. You should give 'rub rub rub' a try... It is a body scrub from Lush and it's quite the contrast

  2. I've never given 'rub rub rub' any more than a glance before in the store - I'll have to give it a try next time!

  3. If you want to try a salt scrub, I recommend the Bath & Body Works salt body scrub from the spa line - it has a really fresh ocean scent and leaves my skin feeling uber smooth!

  4. oooh... I've never tried bath and body products from BBW before! I'm usually devoted to The Body Shop ones.