29 October 2012

REVIEW: LUSH Rock Star Soap

I ran out of my Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap (my review here) last month and wanted a new soap.  The boy and I smelled every single soap inside the Lush store, and I ended up picking Rock Star Soap.

Rock Star has quite the cult following, too.  It smells like candy.  Usually, I'm not a fan of sweet candy scents, but Rock Star smells exactly like the Comforter (one of Lush's bubble bars), which I adore.
Its ingredients:

It smells a bit like taffy.  As mentioned above, it smells exactly like the Comforter bubble bar.  The smell doesn't last beyond the shower.


It doesn't dry out my skin, but I don't really like that it leaves me feeling squeaky.  It's definitely not as moisturizing as Honey I Washed the Kids.
I only like the scent.  I would rather repurchase Honey I Washed the Kids.

- M

19 October 2012

Maybelline EyeStudio 100 Cozy Cashmere

This palette is so gorgeous... I'm sure I'll be using it lots as the season goes on.

The highlight is basically a powder version of the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in 100 Barely Beige (review here).  The dark brown with glitter particles has quite a bit of glitter fallout but it's so pretty that I'm willing to work with it.

The texture is quite smooth with an ever-so-slight velvet feeling (obviously, not UD quality though).  The dark brown with glitter is slightly drier than the others.

This palette is limited edition and retails for $7.99 CAD.  I bought it for $5 with an in-store Maybelline coupon.

- M

18 October 2012

Carried Away with Tarte (Holiday 2012)

I've been eyeing this kit for a while since it's appeared on the big-name beauty blogs in late September, but just couldn't justify sounding the mallet and parting with my cash.

And then, Sephora sent me a 10% VIB email...

The Carried Away with Tarte is exclusive to Sephora and comes with:

  • 1 adventurer's bag (the carrying wrap bag with snap button closure)
  • 24 full size amazonian clay eyeshadows
  • 8 maracuja lip glosses
  • 1 amazonian clay 12-hour blush in adventurous (shimmering rose)
  • 1 blushing beauty domed blush brush
  • 1 lights, camera, lashes! 4-in-1 mascara
  • 1 amazonian clay finishing powder

Everything comes in this gold, fuchsia, and purple box:
I'm impressed by the quality of this "adventurer bag" -- It doesn't feel cheap and is very comparable to any travelling toiletry bag individually sold in stores.  I will be using this a lot.
In particular, I like that it fastens with a snap button and not velcro or ties.
This is what it looks like opened up:
And the eye shadow palette slides out of the pocket behind the mirror.  How smart is that?
I've already checked, and I can put the UD Naked palette in there with lots of room.
Here are the lip glosses:
Here are the eye shadows.  Just this alone already gets you full bang for your buck!
For full swatches, see Musings of a Muse.
The blush.  A full size is 0.2 oz, so you get a quarter of a full size.  This mini blush doesn't come with a mirror inside.
Again, for full swatches, see Musings of a Muse.
The brush is really soft!  It reminds me of a much smaller version of my EcoTools blush brush.
The finishing powder, of which I already have the full size version!
And finally, the mascara.  I wore it all day yesterday and enjoyed it.  It doesn't harden my lashes and is able to give me very good volume and some length.  The separation isn't too bad either.  The only thing is that it doesn't hold any curl.  Overall, I was still very impressed with this mascara as this is the first non water resistant mascara that has not given me panda eyes or smudging on my eye lids.  I like it, but will be staying with my Covergirl Water Resistant Lash Blast Fusion (the purple one).  The CG one gives me a bit of curl in addition to everything this Tarte one does -- plus, the CG is only $8 CAD, whereas this Tarte one is $25 CAD!

This set costs $70 CAD ($54 USD -- wtf with the difference), but I do not have any buyer's remorse.  This set is valued at $665 CAD -- that's incredible value!  Tarte has never disappointed me in their quality, so I'm very happy to own this set and truly believe they could've priced it much higher.

Another reason why I love this set is because I would use every single item in it.  Almost all sets tend to have something that is meh and makes you snub it, but I didn't get this feeling with this one.

What holiday collections or sets are you lusting after?

- M

17 October 2012

October 2012 Topbox (Version 1)

Topbox is a beauty subscription service available in Canada.  You receive at least four products at $10 (+tax) per month.  The cost includes shipping, and it is shipped via Canada Post.

Here's what I received in my October Topbox.  This is my first month from Topbox.

It comes in what's basically a very large toilet paper roll with lids.  I like the old school wallpaper-like packaging.
It's stuffed with some tissue paper and crinkle paper.
Here's the product card:
The back of the product card is a coupon.  I'll probably never use it though.
And, here are the products:
I love masks.
I don't have thinning hair...
oooooh yeaaaaa, I'm an exfoliation fanatic!
Stila In the Moment
I'm not a fan of these paper samples though.
Overall, I'm not overjoyed but I'm pleased.

I'm not sure which version I have, but if you want to see version 6 of this month's box, see Ellesy's here.
Edit:  Thanks to Ellesy, I found out I have Version 1.

- M

16 October 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow (100 Barely Beige)

I highly recommend this, if you're looking for a quick no-fuss all-over colour.  If you use MAC paint pots, you should definitely keep reading (not that I've never used any--I've never swatched any, but I've seen plenty of videos and swatches of them! lol).  These colour tattoo eyeshadows have been compared to paint pots on several occasions and are said to be incredible dupes!

Supposedly, Barely Beige is a dupe for MAC Bare Study.

It is also a dupe for Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten.  Looking at online swatches, I think this is a better version of Stila (see Lips So Facto's post on Kitten).
in natural light
I just apply it all over my eye lids with my ring finger, and it's great at brightening my eyes up.
If I wear it on its own, it wears well without creasing.  Because it's a cream eye shadow, I don't need to apply any eye shadow primer.
I've also worn it as a first layer underneath other eye shadows.  If I'm putting more shadows on top, I'll wear an eye shadow primer underneath.
It's a great inner tear duct highlighter too.

I love that it has a nice icy highlight sheen, but isn't overly shiny or shimmery.  It's subtle and doesn't make it look like you have icing on your eyes.

It sells for $7.99 CAD at Superstore.  If you can, wait for a Maybelline promotion, but it is a limited edition colour.

- M

12 October 2012

Glossybox Canada (A Follow Up)

A month ago, I tried out Glossybox Canada and they lost me as a consumer at an incredible speed.  You can read about my experience.

Glossybox Canada said that they were going to send me a replacement, and I finally received it yesterday!

It arrived in an envelope with this ghetto generic message:
They must have had to send a lot of replacements to have a generic message made... lol

I don't know what their "letter" is talking about, because they sent me what I had requested:  A replacement of the Glossybox lipstick in Glossy Pink.
They also sent these two Shany shimmery eye shadows:
Not bad pigmentation.
The brown one actually reminds me of a glitter fall-out central version of Burberry Rosewood *gasp*

Anyway, I'm happy that Glossybox Canada followed through with their promise, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to resign with them--especially, with their recent aggressive price hike!

If you didn't know, Glossybox Canada is undergoing North American alignment and will be matching their pricetag to the Glossybox USA pricetag at $21.  This alignment doesn't mean they're closing the gap in brands between the Canada and USA entities.  Confused?  Join the club.
For detailed posts on this subject matter, go to:
Ellesy at Petite Pear Style and Candice at Mirror Image: A Beauty-Full Blog

- M

10 October 2012

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

It's no surprise that I'm obsessive of UK beauty bloggers and youtube gurus... at the top of my favourites are Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup and Lily from WhatIHeartToday.  Aside from their never-ending shopping  carts, I also love their affection to face masks.

Both have raved on and on about the Origins Clear Improvement Mask, so when Origins.com had their "pick any three deluxe samples" promotion earlier this month, I jumped right onto the bandwagon.  Screw you, Sephora.
See Anna's review:  here!
See Lily's review:  here!

I got a 7 mL sample:

It may seem like very little, but you barely make a dent in the tube for a single use.  I'm still trying to use it up!

A bit like herbally plastic? lol...

Like a gel.

Super black.

This is supposed to be a clarifying mask to clear pores, so I only apply this to my T-zone (forehead, nose and cheek area around nose, chin).
I had to individually apply to each area because the mask dries super fast!  It goes from very wet gel to a semi-matte mask.  The mask dries and hardens, and what's super cool and gross is that you can see your larger pores through the dried mask.

Even though it dries hard, there's no tugging or scrubbing; slides right off with warm water.

I like that it's gentle enough that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.
I like that I can tell it had cleaned my pores and leaves my skin feeling super clean.
I don't like that it kinda dries out my skin right after washing it off.
I like it but I won't be running with $30 CAD to get a new one when this sample runs out.
Edit December 14, 2012:
Clearly, I was wrong... the deal-seeker in me had to buy it at the duty free shop when I saw it priced at $24 CAD (see my post here).  Thankfully I did, because it saved my skin when I was in China.

- M

3 October 2012

Is Tarina Tarantino peacing out of Sephora too?

I went into Sephora today to repurchase my Smashbox liquid liner, and got distracted by the sale signs all over the Tarina Tarantino counter.  Brain went "40% off?! HOLLA!"

I was only interested in the lip sticks ("Conditioning Lip Sheen") because everything else belongs in Tinkerbell's house.  If only their buttery eye shadows came in matte colours too.

After swatching every single shade, I went to the cashier with Pink Elephant and Cameo.  So tempted to grab a few more...
Heavy packaging - would've felt more luxurious without the bejeweling
Left:  Cameo.  Right:  Pink Elephant
Cameo is a brown neutral nude with slight pink.
Pink Elephant is a light dusty rose pink.

None; unscented.

It's sooo creamy and smooth.  It reminds of a less melty MAC cremesheen.

Pretty good.  Colours are true to the bullet.

$16 CAD each. (Originally $26 CAD each.)

- M