3 October 2012

Is Tarina Tarantino peacing out of Sephora too?

I went into Sephora today to repurchase my Smashbox liquid liner, and got distracted by the sale signs all over the Tarina Tarantino counter.  Brain went "40% off?! HOLLA!"

I was only interested in the lip sticks ("Conditioning Lip Sheen") because everything else belongs in Tinkerbell's house.  If only their buttery eye shadows came in matte colours too.

After swatching every single shade, I went to the cashier with Pink Elephant and Cameo.  So tempted to grab a few more...
Heavy packaging - would've felt more luxurious without the bejeweling
Left:  Cameo.  Right:  Pink Elephant
Cameo is a brown neutral nude with slight pink.
Pink Elephant is a light dusty rose pink.

None; unscented.

It's sooo creamy and smooth.  It reminds of a less melty MAC cremesheen.

Pretty good.  Colours are true to the bullet.

$16 CAD each. (Originally $26 CAD each.)

- M

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