17 October 2012

October 2012 Topbox (Version 1)

Topbox is a beauty subscription service available in Canada.  You receive at least four products at $10 (+tax) per month.  The cost includes shipping, and it is shipped via Canada Post.

Here's what I received in my October Topbox.  This is my first month from Topbox.

It comes in what's basically a very large toilet paper roll with lids.  I like the old school wallpaper-like packaging.
It's stuffed with some tissue paper and crinkle paper.
Here's the product card:
The back of the product card is a coupon.  I'll probably never use it though.
And, here are the products:
I love masks.
I don't have thinning hair...
oooooh yeaaaaa, I'm an exfoliation fanatic!
Stila In the Moment
I'm not a fan of these paper samples though.
Overall, I'm not overjoyed but I'm pleased.

I'm not sure which version I have, but if you want to see version 6 of this month's box, see Ellesy's here.
Edit:  Thanks to Ellesy, I found out I have Version 1.

- M


  1. Haha, "a very large toilet paper roll with lids" - so true.

    Just responded to your question re. where to find the box # - pasted my answer here for ease of reference:

    if you click on your shipping notification through to the canada post website, it should be in the tracking information section under reference number.

    expected delivery : 2012/10/11
    updated delivery : 2012/10/12
    delivery date changed : item was received by canada post after cut-off time.
    reference number 1: box-6

    Thank you for linking my blog! :)

    1. Oh, thanks! I found out that I got version 1.

      No worries about linking - I love your blog and think you deserve more readers!