12 October 2012

Glossybox Canada (A Follow Up)

A month ago, I tried out Glossybox Canada and they lost me as a consumer at an incredible speed.  You can read about my experience.

Glossybox Canada said that they were going to send me a replacement, and I finally received it yesterday!

It arrived in an envelope with this ghetto generic message:
They must have had to send a lot of replacements to have a generic message made... lol

I don't know what their "letter" is talking about, because they sent me what I had requested:  A replacement of the Glossybox lipstick in Glossy Pink.
They also sent these two Shany shimmery eye shadows:
Not bad pigmentation.
The brown one actually reminds me of a glitter fall-out central version of Burberry Rosewood *gasp*

Anyway, I'm happy that Glossybox Canada followed through with their promise, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to resign with them--especially, with their recent aggressive price hike!

If you didn't know, Glossybox Canada is undergoing North American alignment and will be matching their pricetag to the Glossybox USA pricetag at $21.  This alignment doesn't mean they're closing the gap in brands between the Canada and USA entities.  Confused?  Join the club.
For detailed posts on this subject matter, go to:
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- M


  1. WOW, they took a long time to send those out. I also had a problem with the lipstick (both lipsticks actually) and I got a replacement box very quickly. I guess I was one of the first to complain! I was expecting it to take a long time after reading about someone's experience getting their replacement later than the next month's box but mine came only one week after the original (I got the replacement on September 12).

    They did a decent job with your replacement except for not being organized enough to know they were sending out the thing you requested, lol!

    Thank you so much for linking to my post about the price hike, I'm honoured you even read it :)

    1. Yea, I remember reading your post about getting the replacements really quickly, so I thought they just "forgot" about mine.

      I agree, the replacement was good. It just leaves a bad taste when it's obviously a mass delivery of replacements. If a company mistakens on an order, I would appreciate a more personal response.

      I love your blog and I hope you're balancing it alright with your new job :)

    2. Well, personally, I rate the Glossybox action highly, because in their situation, some suppliers deny to send us the replacement, but Glossy did it quickly. I never meet the situation before, so thanks for your share and hope to hear more from you!

    3. Thanks for stopping by, Tiffany!