16 October 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow (100 Barely Beige)

I highly recommend this, if you're looking for a quick no-fuss all-over colour.  If you use MAC paint pots, you should definitely keep reading (not that I've never used any--I've never swatched any, but I've seen plenty of videos and swatches of them! lol).  These colour tattoo eyeshadows have been compared to paint pots on several occasions and are said to be incredible dupes!

Supposedly, Barely Beige is a dupe for MAC Bare Study.

It is also a dupe for Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten.  Looking at online swatches, I think this is a better version of Stila (see Lips So Facto's post on Kitten).
in natural light
I just apply it all over my eye lids with my ring finger, and it's great at brightening my eyes up.
If I wear it on its own, it wears well without creasing.  Because it's a cream eye shadow, I don't need to apply any eye shadow primer.
I've also worn it as a first layer underneath other eye shadows.  If I'm putting more shadows on top, I'll wear an eye shadow primer underneath.
It's a great inner tear duct highlighter too.

I love that it has a nice icy highlight sheen, but isn't overly shiny or shimmery.  It's subtle and doesn't make it look like you have icing on your eyes.

It sells for $7.99 CAD at Superstore.  If you can, wait for a Maybelline promotion, but it is a limited edition colour.

- M

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