30 March 2012

*Cue Britney* I'm a slaaaaaaaaaaaaave for you

Sephora rang the bell and I came crawling... R, too.  She went to one of our local stores even earlier than I.
Not that, that, makes me any better...

Anyway, I had to get my hands on that sample package and umbrella, especially if it was during VIB 15%!
(The umbrella has officially become my car umbrella, so it's already taken its righteous place - Sorry, forgot to take a photo first).

Here's my shiz!
The sample package included:

There's stuff I actually paid for:

Ohhhhh yeaaaaa I did... I can't wait to use it tomorrow...
I plan to do some mixing with my Dollface one. It'll be gorgeous.
For days when I want something less stark than UD yeyo
I wanna see what's with the hype.  For the price, it better shit on my QUO sponges.
This shit is bananas.
It's sooo gentle.
I like to put my Purity on it and use it to massage my face in the shower.
Lately, I've been using the La Roche-Posay purifying gel with it.
It has a suction on the back so I stick it next to my shaver. 

What did you buy?

- M

20 March 2012

Acne HG Products

My skin's been hating me lately... with my lack of sleep and off-balanced hormones.  Since I understand the frustrations of acne or hyperpigmentation, I wanted to share my HG products - maybe, it'll be of use for you.

BURT'S BEES Targeted Spot Treatment
It directs you to use it in the morning and night after cleansing--DONT.  Only use this at night when you're definitely not going out until the day after, because it smells like shit.  Even washing your hands with soap won't get rid of the smell.  The smell is so revolting, but the product works amazing.  It's a spot treatment acne product.  I basically use my finger to dap it onto the pimple and just around it.  The skin soaks up the product immediately with 0.75% of Salicyclic Acid.  If I use this, a fresh pimple will disappear within 2 days with no dark marks or scarring (unlike a lot of other acne spot solutions that end up drying the shit out of the pimple and leave you with a dark mark).  The all 100% natural is a plus.  It's a HG, until I find one that does the same stuff without the odour.  (I bought the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil as a possible dupe.  I'm currently trying it out, and will do a full comparison soon).  I get mine for $9.99 USD at Walmart.

A brand that I really depend on is LA ROCHE-POSAY.  In particular, I use their Effaclar line:
It's great for my super sensitive and acne-prone skin.
Thank you to Sandra for introducing the brand for me!

LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Cream Corrector
An awesome spot treatment for individual outbreaks.  Maybe it does an awesome job cleansing or something, without seeming to, but I find that I don't get reoccurring pimples in the same spots anymore.  I like using this on pimples that have already broken out.  The formula like a lotion, white in colour.  It has a super light floral scent.  I usually hate scented products, but I don't mind this one.  The scent resembles the smell of Chanel moisturizers.  I get mine from London Drugs for $20 CAD.

To me, this is a less intensive spot treatment than the A.I.  According to the website, this Duo actually replaces the A.I., but both products are constantly restocked in my local London Drugs.  I find that this is a much lighter formula than the A.I.  I like using it when I can feel a pimple coming soon, and not necessarily when it's already broken out.  It's also great for redness and hyperpigmentation spots.  It is a semi-translucent white gel-type of lotion.  It has the same super light floral scent as the A.I.  I get this for $25 CAD at London Drugs.

To my Canadians:  Tons of LA ROCHE-POSAY packages are currently on sale at London Drugs!
The full sized Duo comes with a free 50 mL tube of the Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel.  The regular price of $25 CAD is marked down to $17.50 CAD, and when it ran through the register, it was only $12.50 CAD!  On the website, the kit is $35.95 USD.

Remember to be extra diligent with your skin cleansing and moisturizing routine when you're experiencing troubled skin!
What do you do or use when you're struggling with your skin?
- M

UPDATE:  July 18, 2012
I've written an updated post on my HG acne products - Read it here.

2 March 2012

Sunny-Side Hair (All Natural Hair Mask)

It's so not sunny where I am... the groundhogs lied... it was snowing yesterday and freezing today.

Anyway, I wanted to share how you can keep your hair amazingly soft and shiny for weekS with this hair mask method of mine.
I don't like doing store-bought or professional salon hair masks, because a) they're a waste of money, b) they look and feel synthetic, c) the results aren't that great, and d) the shine and softness doesn't last much longer than two days.

What you need from the kitchen:
  • 1 large egg (2 medium eggs if you have thick or long hair)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil (2 tablespoons if you are using 2 eggs)
Put all within a bowl:
and, whip it real good.  It should look something like this:
Now, you need:
  • 1 disposable shower cap
  • 2 attached kitchen paper towel sheets
  • 1 or 2 bobbypins
  • 1 hair tie
Scoop the mixture onto your head with your hands or a spoon, primarily coating the entirety of your hair stands, as you would with conditioner.  I would recommend doing this in the washroom.
Once you have used up all of the mixture, tie your hair into a high bun.

Fold the kitchen roll sheets, such that, they are a thick strip, and wrap it along your hairline.  Make sure the ends overlap above your forehead.  Fasten the strip at your forehead, with bobbypins.  The purpose of this paper towel strip is to catch any liquid that may run from your scalp heat.
It's important for you to leave the two sheets attached; otherwise, good luck trying to keep both on your head, lol...

Finally, put on the shower cap.

Leave the mask on for one hour, then shampoo.  You will have no need conditioner for at least three weeks!

When I did it a month ago, I did it with a nose strip.  What better time to stick shit on your nose than when there's egg in your hair?