30 March 2012

*Cue Britney* I'm a slaaaaaaaaaaaaave for you

Sephora rang the bell and I came crawling... R, too.  She went to one of our local stores even earlier than I.
Not that, that, makes me any better...

Anyway, I had to get my hands on that sample package and umbrella, especially if it was during VIB 15%!
(The umbrella has officially become my car umbrella, so it's already taken its righteous place - Sorry, forgot to take a photo first).

Here's my shiz!
The sample package included:

There's stuff I actually paid for:

Ohhhhh yeaaaaa I did... I can't wait to use it tomorrow...
I plan to do some mixing with my Dollface one. It'll be gorgeous.
For days when I want something less stark than UD yeyo
I wanna see what's with the hype.  For the price, it better shit on my QUO sponges.
This shit is bananas.
It's sooo gentle.
I like to put my Purity on it and use it to massage my face in the shower.
Lately, I've been using the La Roche-Posay purifying gel with it.
It has a suction on the back so I stick it next to my shaver. 

What did you buy?

- M

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