1 April 2012

Some other random shiz that M bought in March

Holy shit, I bought a lot of stuff in March -- So much for being broke!

It seems like it works the same way as my Burt's Bees, but the Burt's Bees is all natural.
The two's price points are the same, too.
So, I'm gonna call Burt's Bees the winner of the dupe challenge.
Still trying it out.  It seems aite?
AMAZING.  Very little is needed for pigment.
I would never wear makeup for 24 hours, but the shit stays on as long as I need it to, without primer!
It's a gorgeous matte mushroom taupey grey.
I got it at London Drugs when they had their 30% off all Maybelline products deal, so it was only $6.29 CAD!
I bought this because R raves about the thing.
My skin doesn't soak it up nearly as crazy as hers thought.
I use it for my hair tips, and it's awesome possum.
It's good for random dry patches too.
I wish I had this with me when I was in Calgary!
I can't wait to try this out tomorrow, because all of my in-store and home swatches have been incredible.
My beautyblender and it will be making love all over my face tomorrow!
It's oil-free!!!  The watery consistency could become my new HG over my Almay clear complexion!
I bought this in Shopper's Drug Mart for $26 CAD (holy mark up!).

Oh, an update from my last post about the Sephora VIB haul:
I returned the TARTE emphaseyes brightener, and got the MUFE aqua eyes eyeliner (champagne 23L).
The TARTE one was smooth on my hand, but on my waterline, it was so chalky and inconsistent.
This MUFE one is amazing, but less beige-ness and more pinkness.
I swatched it with my Bourjois above.

Aaaaannnd the biggest purchase of March:

It's APRIL already?!
- M

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