29 April 2012

LUSH - Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

HOLY MOSES JOSES, a face mask that doesn't break the shit out of my face and make me look like an overly blushed Klingon!  To my hyper-sensitive oily/combination cyclic-acne-prone and something more sisters out there, we have hope.
yea, that's my clawprint in there.
Ok, so I had long given up on face masks and decided to just suck it up with my Olay Exfoliating brush, until fellow Canadian nutjob, Estée, wouldn't shut up about her Lush face masks and how it's been amazeballs for her... thank goodness.
I picked this up when I went on a platonic date/hoarding shopping trip with R the other day.  Laid my deets (details, for you non-cool joes) on the sales associate (the ones at Lush are weird but super helpful--watch and learn, Sephora).  She recommended either this one or the oatmeal looking one... I've got a weak stomach for oatmeal, so I picked this one.  I think I paid $6 CAD for a small black tub of it.  My local store makes it fresh every Wednesday (you can't buy this online because it's made fresh), and each tub will give about 3-4 masks... even with my big face, I think I can probably generously get 4.

I scoop up a Timbit sized amount and generously smear it all over my face.  There's small bits of green plant looking material--I just spread it around.  It says to leave it on for something like 5 mins?  Iuno, I'm probably making shit up.  Anyway, it says not to let it dry out but I leave it on until it does, cuz I'm a rebel.  Then I just use my hands to wash it off very gently with warm water.  Afterwards, I use my Sephora precison pore cleanser pad to make sure all of it is gone.

Verdict:  THIS FUCKING ROCKS THE SHIT OUT OF MY FACE AND MORE.  I'm kinda outraged by how it made my face so hydrated and oil-balanced.  I think I texted R right away with something like:  "my face is fucking glowing."

- M

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