24 September 2013

Used Up Beauty Products / Empties #5

Dang, I've used up a lot of stuff since my last empties post...  Most were samples and foil packs.

My Beauty Diary (hyaluronic acid, mexico cactus) sheet masks
Loved both.
I did a full post dedicated to sheet masks, including these two.

Bioré nosestrips
HG. I use them once a week, as part of my Sunday routine.  Love them.
I've been using them since my teen years, and will continue to repurchase them.

Blue Lagoon Iceland algae mask
It's a generous 0.3 oz sample -- 1.7 oz is $100!
This green goopy mask... smelled really plastic.
My skin was super oily afterwards and the next day.  Kinda hated it.

Fresh black tea age-delay cream with collagen-boosting lychee
I'm not a fan of creams, and this one didn't change my opinion on them.  It was thick and oily.  Only made my face a greaseball.

Arcon magic white ice hydrate
I got this from a Nordstrom order.  It was a generous 0.08 oz sample, considering 1 oz is $40.
This gel claims to moisturize with white cranberry complex and hyaluronic acid, neutralize with vitamin B-5 and E, and clarify with antibacterial totara extract.
It's super light, non-sticky, and absorbs super quickly... This was in the fridge so it felt amazing on.
I won't be purchasing it though, because the floral scent is too strong for me.  I might've if it wasn't so pungent.  I could still smell it hours after application!

Philosophy cinnamon buns shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath
Smells like spice and baked cinnamon, which was nice.  It dried my body out though.

Bumble & bumble super rich conditioner
Felt nice.  Nothing too special.

Bumble & bumble gentle shampoo
Felt nice.  Nothing too special.

Burt's Bees radiance serum
I've had this bottle for a while.  I used it nightly and then stopped, so I figured I would de-clutter and just finish it.
It's 99.86% natural and royal jelly is the third ingredient in quantitative order.

Korres milk proteins 3 in 1 cleaning, toning and eye make-up removing emulsion
It's milky and very liquidy.  It's gentle, but doesn't remove makeup that well.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer spf 20
I got the sample in nude, which was too yellow and dark for me.

Laura Mercier foundation primer
It felt silicony.  I don't wear foundation, so I can't really speak to its last and hold of foundation...
It was ok under concealer.

Chanel ultra correction line repair spf 15
Nice and light anti-wrinkle day cream.  1.7 oz for $125 though... dang.

La Roche-Posay physiological ultra-fine scrub
It was ok... the scrubbing beads were quite fine, as claimed.

Bath & Body Works fresh picked apple hand cream
It smells really nice -- I'm a big fan of apple scents.
Non greasy and dries quick.

Jo Malone orange blossom
I love the scent of orange blossoms.  I actually bought the 100 mL of this after I finished it.

Jo Malone white jasmine & mint
This was a sweet scent, so I used it as a bedroom spray.  The last time I sprayed it was two weeks ago, but I feel like I can still smell it once in a while, which is amazing.

Swisspers cotton ovals (50 count)
I got these from Target for $3.  They're huge ovals, so I only need one to remove makeup from my entire face.

Bioderma Sébium pore refiner
I love this product so much.  It's my HG Summer moisturizer, and my year long T-zone mattifyer.
I have an old blog post dedicated to this product.

Clinique liquid facial soap mild
It's super drying, but I had the perfect use for it.  I use this to wash my nose and around my nose prior to applying a Bioré nose strip -- It makes quite the difference!

Pond's cleansing and exfoliating towelettes (25 count)
Love the citrus scent.  The towelettes were large, wet, and stayed wet until my very last one.
They remove makeup very well.  There's a slight film.

Neutrogena ultra sheer body mist sunscreen
If you've followed me for a little bit, you'll know that I'm super sensitive to the sun, so I take sun protection to the next level (read:  neurotic)...  This is one of my all time favourite body sunscreens.  I have a blog post on all of my body sun protection products.
This bottle was used up within Canada this Summer.  Another bottle was finished during my recent Hawaii trip.

Lush tea tree water
I got this bottle last Summer, and I finally finished it this year, just before the expiry date.
It's super refreshing and mists very fine.  I'll probably purchase another bottle next Summer.

L'Oréal ever sleek sulfate-free smoothing shampoo
This was horrible in the beginning as I'm used to super frothy and lathering shampoos.  It grew on me, and I was enjoying it as it was finishing up.  I may repurchase in the future.

Redken all soft shampoo
This was all the craze over YouTube a few months ago... and of course, I was interested.  I bought this when I was in Chicago in March.  It's very moisturizing and did actually make my hair very soft.

Organix nourishing shea butter shampoo
I love this shampoo.  It makes my hair so smooth, shiny, and clean.  The shea butter scent isn't too sickenly sweet, but it lasts in my hair all day.
I love it so much, I have four backups in my bathroom ;)

Boots botanics hot cloth cleansing balm
The famous hot cloth cleansing balm that was circulating the UK beauty bloggers/YouTubers community a year ago.
I managed to find it at a Target in Chicago in March.  I was so excited to find it, that I had forgotten the bloggers/YouTubers had mentioned that it was reformulated and actually sucks now...
I tried it and hated it so much.  This isn't finished, but just going straight into the garbage.  I cannot even pass this on to a friend -- it's that horrible.

If you're still reading, thank you so much!
As if the above list wasn't long enough, I had finished a few products and discarded them in Hawaii, so they're not in the picture.  I have to mention one of them though:

Simple cleansing facial wipe (25 count)
The wipes are large, very nicely moistened (and stay moistened!), super soft, and gentle.
It didn't irritate and removed waterproof mascara with ease!

Thanks for reading!  Please let me know if you've recently finished anything that you love or hate.

- M


  1. Wow! You did good! I have used up a bunch of sample sized items recently, but never seem to remember to take a photo! How much stuff do you have left in your stash?

  2. thanks! :)

    i think I still have maybe 10? lol, i always forget to use them and then when i do remember, i'm wary of using them cuz i can't seem to remember how long they've been sitting around.

    i keep a small bag in my bathroom, and toss any used up products into it... pretty disgusting, considering some sit for weeks before i have the time or there's enough natural light to photograph lol