10 July 2012

Real Techniques Brushes - Powder Brush (Photo Heavy)

I hauled some Real Techniques brushes from Fred Meyer (see my blab here), and this is my last brush post from it.  It's the Powder Brush and I got it for $9.99 USD.

The Real Techniques one (L) is much more dense and doesn't flop flat.
I use a powder brush to lightly dust Tarte smooth operator micronized clay finishing powder (in translucent white) all over my face after applying concealer and filling in my brows.  I don't wear foundation in any form but my T-zone tends to get oily as the day procedes, so I use finishing powder to absorb any excess oil on my face.

After using the Real Techniques powder brush for a little more than a week, I can say that I like it, but I may prefer my EcoTools one a teeny bit more.

Even with my ginormous face, I feel like the Real Techniques one is too big and too dense.  Normally, I am a big advocate of super dense brushes but I think this one just might be tiptoeing around the threshold.  I am having a bit of trouble manoeuvring the brush around my face as the brush hairs don't seem to move around the curves of face very well.  They just stick straight up into the air, in a bunch.  I can barely fit it within the cap of the Tarte finishing powder, which sucks (I've always really enjoyed swishing my EcoTools powder brush in it).

Even though the EcoTools powder brush is floppy, I like it that way.  It is much, much less dense than the Real Techniques one, so, its hairs are more flexible and it is able move around my face well.  Also, because it is less dense, it is able to pick up loose powder more gently.  I find that my usual usage amount of finishing powder would disappear within my Real Techniques because it's so dense - I end up having to use a more generous amount.

What I do like about the Real Techniques brush over the EcoTools one is that it applies very evenly and smoothly.  Sometimes the EcoTools one can unevenly pick up the powder, so I end up having to tap the excess off and wasting it as it flies everywhere.

Have you tried either of these powder brushes?  Have you tried any other Real Techniques brushes?

In addition to this one, I've also tried the Core Face Kit and Blush Brush.

See my post on the Core Kit here.
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- M


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  2. Hey, not sure if you use e.l.f., but just been exposed to it and they had a 50% off sale the other day. I ordered their kabuki brush, so gonna give that a go. But your brushes look so fluffy!

    1. I've tried the elf concealer and blush brush before cuz they're so cheap ($1 each), but I threw both out after trying to work with them several times. They're so rough and scratchy! Let me know how your kabuki goes!

  3. great review! xx