24 July 2012

M loves her Tarte Amazonian Clay matte blushes (Blissful, Dollface, Exposed)

For someone who only has two cheeks, I have plenty of blushes (three).  Obviously, I'm not Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book, who is the queen of blushes.

Before we begin, I would like to note that I only use matte blushes.  I loathe cream blushes, because I like my face to be absolutely matte (not powdery, just matte) and I think cream blushes are unsanitary.  Also, I do not like shimmer in my blushes, so I do not like Tarte's Amazonian Clay shimmer blushes.

There's always something I don't like about a certain blush, except Tarte's Amazonian Clay matte blushes.  They are just perfect for me.
My biggest problem with blushes (especially those from MAC), is that they oxidize super quickly on my skin.  If I were to swatch a MAC powder blush on the back of my hand, it would oxidize within 10 minutes - A peachy blush would become brown.  Tarte's Amazonian Clay matte blushes do not oxidize on my cheeks - the colours are always flattering and true to the pan throughout wear.  Tarte claims to have 12-hour wear, but I would say it's more like 5-6 hours during the Summer when my skin is combination/oily, and 7-8 hours during the Winter when my skin is combination.

If you have a particular preference to the ingredients within a blush, Tarte claims that their Amazonian Clay matte blushes are formulated without mineral oil, parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, sodium lauryl suflate, and synthetic fragrance; instead, they contain beeswax, vitamin E, vitamin C, mineral pigments, and of course, amazonian clay.

Personally, I think these three blushes are the most flattering out of their entire matte line:  Blissful, Dollface, and Exposed.  They provide a good range that would work with any look or skin tone.

Their packaging allows easy identification.
L-R:  Blissful, Dollface, Exposed
L-R:  Blissful, Dollface, Exposed

Blissful is a beautiful warm coral.  I've been using it like crazy this Summer.  I know a lot of people (including my girl-crush, Vivianna Does Makeup) have been raving about Tarte's Tipsy, but I prefer Blissful because it is a bit warmer and less bright.  Blissful is good for anyone who wants to have a brighter blush that is still conservative enough for the office.  Most people who rave and use Tipsy only lightly dab on it anyway, which actually gives a very similar, but slightly more orange, colour payoff as Blissful.  Please click here for more swatches of Blissful.

Dollface is a natural light pink.  It is my first Tarte blush.  This is a great blush for a natural look, because it's a little bit neutral and a little cool-toned with a slight blue tint.  I love wearing this during the Winter when I'm super pale and my hair colour becomes a little more ashy and cool.

Exposed is a nude pink.  I'm sure this one doesn't need any sort of introduction because pretty much everyone already has this one.  It is super flattering on all skin tones and puts the perfect amount of natural cheek colour.  I like wearing this on days when I only want the slight amount of colour on my cheeks.  Sometimes, when I'm feeling adventurous, I use this blush for contouring.  It's perfect for light contouring on lighter skin tones because it's more pink and less harsh looking.

If you've tried Tarte's blushes, which are your favourites?
I've become a bit obsessed over blushes lately.  I would really appreciate it if you could recommend any blushes that tend to oxidize less.



  1. Just bought Dollface and Tipsy online. Waiting for it to arrive. So excited! I admit that I don't have the same oxidizing problem for blushes (for foundations, yes) although I do have oily skin as well. Anyway, my trusty NYX HD Grinding Blush in Georgia Peach just ran out and I would have to order it internationally via Cherry Culture or eBay to get it. So I settled for the Tarte blushes from a local online store. Excited for the blushes. I hope they can give me the same soft effect NYX HD was able to give me, even if I have to blend out more. :D

  2. you won't regret getting tarte blushes -- they're amazing