26 July 2012

DIY - Reuse Your Old Candle Glasses (Method 1)

As you've probably seen from YouTube or blog pictures, you can repurpose your old candle glasses.

Once you've burnt your candle to the point where it won't light anymore, fill the glass with boiling hot water in a sink.  The boiling hot water will make it easier to remove any excess wax, as well as the wick that's glued to the bottom.  Find a disposable utensil or stick to help you push the wick off.
Please remember to use your sink strainer!  You do not want hot wax or glue to go down your drain.

The glue should come off pretty easily, and look like this.

 Now, drop a little dishwasher soap in it and blast it with hot water for 30 seconds.

 Once you've blasted it, the glass will be completely spotless from any glue or wax.  The label comes off easily when it's wet.  Note my IKEA label and wick, lol.


Update January 22, 2013:
I've since found a much easier method of removing the wax and wicks.  See method 2 here.

- M


  1. great job! but to begin with, your candle holder's really nice already. i have not had a candle with that pretty glass holder :D

    1. lol, it's just the "Tindra" candle from IKEA that sells for $1.99 CAD. It's pretty good quality thick rimmed glass though.