20 February 2013

REVIEW: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I am obsessed with masks.
I am also obsessed with Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup.

Anna loves this mask, so, duh, I had to get it.

I am so glad I got this in September 2012, before Fall and Winter hit.

Almost immediately, this mask became an integral part of my Sunday pamper routine.

Strong artificial fruity peach

Thick white cream that blends out clear

How I use it:
  1. Apply thin layer all over clean face and underside of chin
  2. Re-apply slightly thicker layer over dry skin areas (I have combination skin -- my cheeks, chin, and the patch of skin above my nose and between my eyebrows have drier skin)
  3. Let the mask "set" (30 mins for thicker layers) -- it's tacky before it sets
  4. Sleep
  5. Rinse it off when I wake up
  6. Moisturizer

  • hyaluronic acid -- holla!
  • with weekly use over 5 months, I've used up less than 1/4
  • super easy, no fuss -- doesn't move; doesn't get on pillow/blanket/etc.
  • crazy moisturizing -- makes my face super plump and soft
  • brightens

  • artificial fruity peach fragrance
  • contains a lot of fragrant oils -- potential skin irritants
  • $27 CAD

I love this mask.
I don't like the artificial fruity peach scent, but can live with it.  I have super sensitive skin, but the fragrance doesn't irritate me.
It makes my skin so smooth and plump, and makes my skin retain moisture a lot better.  My face glows (in the non-oily way) afterwards.
This mask is geared towards dry skin, but it works just fine on my combination skin -- it doesn't oversaturate my skin with oil or anything.

I am able to easily find this mask in Canada, and but not in the States.  They seem to only have the 10 minute version in the US.
If you're going to pick it up, I would recommend buying it directly from the Origins website.  They ship super quickly and always package things so well.  This was how mine arrived:

Plus, the Origins website is constantly running some sort of promotion.  When I ordered this mask, I got free shipping and a shit-ton of deluxe samples:
Note the tissue pillow underneath
Fuck Sephora and the 27 points.

- M


  1. I love this mask too :) But when I haven't used it for so long and all of the sudden I start using it again, my skin couldn't handle it and was very itchy o.O then it was okay again.

    1. oh no, that's unfortunate! it doesn't contain the most friendly ingredients for sensitive skin - maybe your skin wasn't used to the fragrant oils, or maybe it was clashing with another product of yours?