15 February 2013

Essie Nail Polish - Ladylike

Nude nails are quite the trend right now... Everyone seems to be going gaga after the non-existent fingernails of mannequins, but if you're like me, the idea of cakey wax nails might sound unappealing.

Of course, you cannot help but attempt to make the trend work for you, am I right?

Enter:  Essie Ladylike.

Greige's cooler cousin.  A beautiful mannequin taupey mauve.

This colour is a classic with a twist.

As you will see from my swatches below, against white paper, it looks more taupey beige; almost brown, but against a pink flesh tone (i.e. your nail bed), the colour comes alive.

If you're looking for a conservative nail that's flattering to any outfit, you're welcome.

Unfortunately, I don't know how this colour will look against more warm or yellow skintones, but it's certainly ladylike against my florescent pale skin with pink undertones (cool tone).
If you're unsure of your skintone, just take a look at your veins:  If they appear more blue, you're cool toned.  If they appear more green, you're warm toned.  You may also be neutral, if you're not sure.

I recommend you to swatch this on your pinky nail during your next trip to the drugstore.

- M

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