4 February 2013

Bath and Body Works Haul (Spring 2013)

One of my favourite scented candles (Island Margarita) is being repromoted for Spring 2013, and I have a 20% off coupon for Bath and Body Works, so I went with the intention to pick up a 3-wick Island Margarita candle.

When I got there, I saw that all of the 4oz candles were on buy-one-get-one-free promotion.

On one trip, I ended up getting:

  • Island Margarita 4oz
    mandarin, mango, plum
    it's the perfect mixture between citrus and light sweetness
    $10 CAD after 20% discount
  • White Barn No. 2 Renew & Refresh 4oz
    jasmine, fresh air, touch of mint
    it's a super light sweetness with a bit of floral
    I got this one free in the BOGO promotion
  • Meet Me At Tahiti 4oz
    Monoi blossoms, vanilla
    it's a floral vanilla.  one of the rare times when vanilla doesn't make me want to puke
    This was on clearance for $5 -- I paid $4 CAD after 20% discount
  • Sea turtle loofah
    I couldn't pass it up.  Way too cute!
    $4.40 CAD after 20% discount

After I got home, I kept finding myself thinking about the Beach Cabana candle, too.
My receipt had one of those $10 off your next $30 purchase coupons, so I talked my friend into splitting the deal with me.  3-wick candles are always on 2 for $30 promotion, so with the receipt coupon, each 3-wick would come to $10 (they're $22.50 CAD each, regular price).
  • Beach Cabana 3-wick 14.5oz
    jasmine, orange blossom, fluffy white towels
    $10 CAD with the coupon

I hauled quite a bit because Spring is my favourite season for BBW shopping.  I would recommend smelling all of the scents, even if you think you are familiar with them from previous collections.  I think they may have tweaked some of them.  For example, Peach Bellini is a lot sweeter this year, and Caribbean Escape is a lot muted this year.

Island Margarita still smells exactly the same (I'm on the last leg of my 3-wick from last year).  If you like that scent, go get it soon.  According to the sales associate, it's their best seller.  My local store is already down to their last box!

- M

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