13 February 2013

My Wedding Outfit of the Night (Jacob + Nine West)

No, I didn't get married.  

I did attend a wedding, though.  It was probably the first time I've "dressed up" in, god, I don't know, three years.  And heels?  I've probably, in my lifetime, worn them less than the fingers on my hands can count.  Nevertheless, I was determined to look presentable at the very least.  So, a few things needed to be tackled:

1.  Hair

Infiniti by Conair YouCurl.

Lots to say about this.  Stay tuned.
2.  Makeup
- Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
- Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Harmonie du Soir
- Urban Decay Naked Palette (using Creep to line my eyes)*
- Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
- Lancome Hypnose Mascara
*Note: for those who suck at lining your eyes like I do, may I suggest lining your eyes to your desired look before putting on the eyeshadows.  That way, you can perfect your eyeliner with a Qtip and makeup remover and not compromise your all that time you spent blending your eyeshadows.  I only say this because tutorials usually end their eye look with eyeliner, as opposed to starting with eyeliner.  

- Tarte Neutraleyes Vol. ii Eyeshadow Palette (using a mixture of matte pebble and matte espresso to lightly fill in my brows)
- Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

- MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Medium
- Guerlain Perles d'Azur Meteorites by Emilio Pucci

- LipIce Lip Balm
Totally forgot to put on lipstick as I was in such a hurry.  Good things my lips are naturally pigmented.  


- NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer
- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Blue Ice as an accent nail 

Love the glossy finish this polish gives.  Prevents the emo-teen look.  The blue glitter accent nail glams it up even more.

- OPI Panda-monium Pink 
A powdery pink creme that lets my shoes shine, yet subtly adding a "modern elegance"
3.  Outfit

I am a minimalist.  The less I have to do, the better.  A dress that doesn't require any other pieces or accessories?  Done.

4.  Shoes

The pièce de resistance.  

My heels from Nine West, named, "Shining.Platformed in the front to mitigate the degree of incline.  Plus, the platforms are high enough that they look young and modern, but not so tall that they scream, "HEY EEEEEERBARDY WANNA GO CLUBHOPPING?!?!!"  Even my flat-footed wide feet that live in runners found relative comfort in these.  They're fun and they don't take themselves too seriously.  Perfect.
Review forthcoming for the curling wand.

Until then,