28 February 2013

REVIEW: Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

Since the beginning of last Summer, I've been curious about this product.

The idea of a no-fuss lip scrub is always a good idea, and what intrigued me was that you can eat it after your scrub.

At my local Lush store, I was having trouble deciding between the different flavours:  Sweet Lips, Mint Julips, and Bubble Gum.  Sweet Lips smelled nice, but I felt like I would get sick of it.  Mint was definitely the safe choice, but boring choice.  I love the smell of pink bubble gum, so I ended up with that.

When I first used it, I was frustrated with it.  The sugar gets everywhere and I found it hard to get it to stick to my lips.

Then, I went online, hoping to find some tips.  I came across one commenter on the Lush website, who had recommended the following steps:
  1. Put some lip balm on lips
  2. Run finger under some water
  3. Lightly tap or run finger on surface of lip scrub, to get the smallest amount of lip scrub
  4. Gently scrub lips to exfoliate
  5. Lip off the sugar
Putting on a light coat of lip balm and damping my finger made it work like a charm.

Its ingredients:
Castor Sugar , Cold Pressed Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) , Flavor , Polyester-3 , D&C Red No. 28 , D&C Red No. 21
Green ingredients = Natural ingredients
Black ingredients = Safe synthetics

  • tastes great
  • smells great
  • lasts a year
  • simple ingredients
  • expensive ($10) -- you can definitely make your own at home
  • can be messy
  • artificial flavouring
  • I don't know about the other ones, but Bubble Gum leaves the mouth with the typical post-sugar sour after taste

Is it necessary? No.
A sweet impulse buy? Yes, hahaha.

- M

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