22 February 2013

Essie Nail Polish - Butler Please

Last Summer, bright blues and reds were all the rage in bottoms (shorts and skinny pants).  I didn't have the guts to rock that trend, and figured that my infatuation in brightass reds and blues was just rooted in some crowd following blindness.  Aren't we all sheep, though? Bahhh~

Months later, I am still finding myself going sheepish (haha) at the sight of cobalt blue and hot red.

As someone who enjoys wearing only shades (greys and black) from top to bottom, bright polish is a nice way to introduce more colour.  Butler Please is quite a gorgeous thing.
Who knows, maybe it'll encourage some more colour into my outfits.  I've been eyeing these cobalt blue pants from Zara...

It's much brighter against skintone, which is awesome.

It's slightly muted and more true to bottle against white paper.

I purchased Butler Please from Shoppers Drug Mart for $7.99 CAD.

- M


  1. I love this color for summer but there are so many dupes for it

    1. yup, it's definitely a popular colour. personally, i like essie polishes - they seem to last the longest for me.

  2. amazing colour:)
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