10 January 2013

REVIEW: Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel

I follow mostly UK-based bloggers/youtubers and they're always talking about the Soap & Glory brand, because it is readily available to them in the drugstore (it's a UK brand).  Soap & Glory does everything from bath and body, to scents, to skincare, to cosmetics -- they pretty much have all bases covered.

I guess it's attracting quite a lot attention because it's been invited to the prestigious Sephora USA club.  Recently, a bunch of US bloggers/youtubers have been naming the Soap & Glory brand -- specifically, the brand's infamous Hand Food hand cream.

In Canada, select Shoppers Drug Mart stores have the Soap & Glory brand, but the variety of products is very limited.  I've only seen some bath and body, and face products.  The Canadian prices on the brand are also heavily inflated.
Please let me know if you have seen the brand in any other stores.

As you would have guessed, my interest in the brand and its products was definitely sparked.

Anyway, when I was in Portland, USA last month (see haul post), I saw that the nearby Sephora carried Soap & Glory.  Naturally, I bought a 100 mL travel size bottle of Soap & Glory's Clean On Me shower gel to try, haha.  It was $5 USD.  The decision to purchase it was on a complete whim.  I didn't even smell it to see if I would hurl at the scent!  I'm so happy I did though, because I've been using it daily, since returning from Portland.

I love the super girly and retro packaging of all of their products.  Somehow, it's cute and not tacky.

Milky cream with a pink tint.

According to their website, this is supposedly their Classic Pink scent.  It's citrus-y with a tiny hint of sweetness.  I love it -- it's sooo good (I'm totally imagining the way Sammi says it).
The scent kinda lingers a little bit on the skin, which I love.  It's not obvious, but you can definitely smell it if you were to smell your wrists (yea, I do that... hahaha).

I would describe it as a gel-y cream, rather than a creamy gel -- if there was a spectrum between cream and gel, it would be closer to the cream side.  Think of it as a cream with a gel-like consistency.

It lathers amazingly.  I've never used a shower product that lathered this much.  Also, a little product goes a long way.

It doesn't suck the life out of my skin -- no squeaky clean feeling.  This shower cream leaves my skin nicely moisturized, without any films or oils.
My skin has been very dry lately, because of Winter and my habit of cranking the heat.

Aside from it being on the pricey side of shower gels/creams within the drugstore, it's perfect.  To be honest, it's just a matter of optics.  If it was never sold within the drugstore, and only in Sephora shops, I wouldn't even think twice about purchasing it at its current price point (as I did).

If I can find the 500 mL pump bottle of this, I would definitely repurchase it (after I finish all of my LUSH soaps).  It contains SLS and a shit-ton of parabens.
I am also super interested in trying out their other scents, and products.  I may be hooked.

- M


  1. I got this for christmas, I love it it smells great! :)


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