30 January 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Collection - Preview

I popped into my local MAC store today, and had the opportunity to preview the Archie's Girls collection before its official release date on Feb 7, 2013.

When I saw the sales lady take out the display, I almost died.  It was brand new and nobody had touched anything yet.  The lady said that she didn't even put the powders onto the display yet.

It got really busy at the counter after my arrival, so I was left alone to devirginize the collection.  I went mad, trying on all of the lipsticks first.  I swatched everything... even things I wasn't interested in, lol.  I almost felt the need to light a cigarette after that euphoric experience... too far? haha

I managed to snap some photos with my iphone4, but I would refer you to MBB's amazing post for HD pictures and swatches.
The powders won't taken out yet.
Betty Collection
Veronica Collection
I will give my opinion on lipsticks.
(I don't know my MAC foundation match, but in their MSF Natural, I'm in Medium.)

Girl Next Door - super sheer cool-toned lavender. it was not flattering me at all.
Betty Bright - bright pastel coral pink. it looked great on me with one application and dabbing.
Oh Oh Oh - deep deep brown red. I looked like I had smeared blackberries all over my lips.

Daddy's Little Girl - super bright berry fuschia. it was very bright on me, but I think it would be beautiful for the spring.
Ronnie Red - tomato red. it looked like a strawberry red on me.
Boyfriend Stealer - sheer vampy deep blueberry purple.  I looked like a goth haha.

In the end, I shortlisted the lipsticks into these three:
Betty Bright, Oh Oh Oh, Daddy's Little Girl
I pre-ordered Betty Bright (Betty lipstick), Daddy's Little Girl (Veronica lipstick), and Prom Princess (Veronica powder blush).  I'll be picking them up next week, on Feb 7th.

Let me know if you picked up anything from this collection.  I know that it was released online this afternoon and a lot are already sold out!

- M

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