9 January 2013

Bath and Body Works - After Holidays Sales

Valentines is throwing up all over the malls... another retail season has passed, which means... Bath and Body Works candle hoarding time!

I picked up a 3 wick (14.5 oz) of Snowed In last week for $11.25 CAD.
It's basically the scent of a christmas tree.  It's less "fresh" and crisp than the Fresh Balsam and Evergreen (both are also part of the Holiday 2012 collection).
On the BBW website, Snowed In is described as:
Escape the frigid winter wind, wrap up in your toastiest blanket and warm up this inspiring blend of fresh juniper, sugared sap and sage for the perfect day in!

Anyway, two days after I bought it, I found it marked down to $10.
So, today, I went back to get a price adjustment (FYI, you can get a one-time price adjustment within 14 days of purchase).

I used the $1.45 CAD credit towards a single wick (4 oz) of Merry Mistletoe that was $5 CAD.
I think this is my favourite holiday scent.  It smells like you're eating a candy in a forest.
On the BBW website, Merry Mistletoe is described as:
Celebrate under the sweet scent of blue spruce, frosted cranberry and a kiss of citrus.

Both candles are from the Slatkin & Co. brand at BBW.

Alike my other candles, I will be re-purposing the glass candle container after the candle is done.  You can see how I clean and re-purpose them with method 1 here and method 2 here.

- M


  1. i wish that i can buy a lot but i must save $ :( so lucky of you!

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    1. Hey Vicky,

      I don't have a lot of money - I just have a shopping problem, hahaha.

      I checked out and subscribed to your blog. Looking at the products you talk about on your blog, you seem to be doing just fine on money ;)