7 January 2013

Estée Lauder Peach Nuance Blush

Ever since I saw essiebutton's post during the peak of the coral hype last year, I've been feverishly combing through every single Cosmetics Company Outlet and Estée Lauder counter I came across.

Of course, Estée had been talking about a peach blush.  This particular one was called Witty Peach, and was supposedly a shimmer version of EL Peach Nuance.  EL Peach Nuance had been all the rage, because it was argued to be the ultimate dupe for MAC Ripe Peach.

Anyway, as you may recall from my Portland Haul (post here), I managed to finally track down EL Peach Nuance.  I was overjoyed when I found at least 10 of them in the CCO.

classic EL packaging
sorry about the fibers...
I swear I didn't photoshop lol
For professional shots, check out Temptalia's post here.

Do you need this?  No.
Is it gorgeous, and do you want this?  Yes.

As someone who exclusively uses Tarte blushes, this is definitely nowhere near the pigmentation.  I would compare this to MAC sheertone pigmentation.  It's definitely light, but gives a decent flush of colour.  It's perfect for me right now in the dead of Winter, when my skin is basically white.

Peach Nuance retails for $25 USD.  I got it for $18.50 USD at the CCO in Portland, Oregon (sweet, no tax!).

- M


  1. omg gorgeous! I just came across this blush today and realized it's hard to find. I wonder if my local CCO carries it. I want it so bad!! Pretty colors.

    1. yup, it's super prettyyy. maybe call your CCO?

    2. I found it on eBay for dirt cheap. It's the refill pan but perfect for me since I like to add my blush pans in my palette. :)

    3. awesome! omg, I would love to see your blush palette