17 January 2013

January 2013 Topbox (Privé Box)

Topbox introduced the idea of the Privé Box in the new year.  It basically means that instead of receiving a variety of brands in a box, we will be only be receiving products from a single brand.  Personally, I preferred the former... since, I signed up to receive products that I typically wouldn't pick out on my own.

This month's was Clinique.
Good news:  I'm super familiar with Clinique products, and enjoy some of them.
Bad news:  I'm super familiar with Clinique products.

What irks me is that you can receive all of these samples easily from the counter or from their bonus gifts.  My mom and I only stock up on Clinique skincare products during their bonus gift months, so I have plenty of these little samples around.  Paying $12 + tax for these samples seems a little ridiculous.

I will be giving the Repairwear Corrector to my mom - I've sampled it before and obviously, with a sample, I didn't see any results.

I will also be giving away the Clarifying Lotion (aka. Toner) because when I tried it years ago, it burned me.

I'll be keeping the Eye Makeup Solvent, because it's amazing.  Before Bioderma, it was my only makeup remover.  It's not great with stubborn waterproof mascara, but everything else easily comes off.

The eyeshadow I got is Mink.  The shades are complementary to my skintone, but I might still give it away to my mom.  It's so chalky and the pigmentation is pretty bad.

I'm pretty disappointed with this month's box... I may unsubscribe after the February box.

- M

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