11 January 2013

REVIEW: Josie Maran Argan Oil

Over the last couple of years, the beauty industry and community has become absolutely obsessed with oils from Morocco.  We no longer exclusively consume oils for our breads or salads.  Moroccan oils are now sold on their own, as well as, within blends of other enriching ingredients.

I had spotted Josie Maran's Argan Oil at Sephora a few years ago, but did not have a clue to what it was or what it did.  It looked gimmicky to me... I would think:  Duh, of course, you would feel "moisturized" if you rubbed oil on yourself.  Plus, $50 just for a bottle of oil... What's so special about this oil, as opposed to, say, olive oil?
Then, two years ago, R incepted me (as usual)...  She had bought the 0.5oz / 15mL travel size bottle of mentioned Josie Maran's Argan Oil in Las Vegas (see her post here) and subsequently, started raving the crap out of it.  Three months later, I caved into the infatuation and bought the same travel size bottle.

I started using the 0.5oz / 15mL bottle in March 2012, and nine months later (December 2012), I found myself rationing the last few drops of it.
Seeing how over the last year, there has been another exponential growth in the variety of exotic oils with beauty purposes, I was definitely open to changing to a competitor's product.  After much googling, I had shortlisted the potential candidates to:
  • Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy ($35 USD for 1.5oz)
  • Moroccanoil® Treatment Light (around $30-35 USD for 3.4oz)
I didn't go with Ojon because they seem so secretive with their full ingredients list.
I didn't go with Moroccanoil® because of an impromptu conversation on Amarixe's youtube comment page, haha.  Amarixe never answered my question, but LoveleeLiU did, and I'm glad.  See my conversation below:
In the end, I decided to stay with Josie Maran's Argan Oil, because:
  • there's only one ingredient - 100% organic argan oil
  • I am willing to pay a $10 premium if it means less random filler and harmful ingredients (it's paraben-free and toxin-free!)
  • I already know I love it, so there's no chance of me hating it and wasting it
  • it's unscented

I was going to repurchase the exact same 0.5oz / 15mL travel size, but I figured since I was in Portland (sales tax free), I should just purchase the full size.
What you should note is that the dropper size for the full size is slightly larger than the travel size.  I prefer the travel size dropper because it's more precise and has better suction.  Because of my preference, I have refilled the travel size with argan oil from the full size.  The smaller bottle takes up less space on my bathroom counter, and it's a lot easier to pack for travel.
full size dropper
notice that the oil drips out
travel size dropper
notice that the oil is contained
This is the pricing from Sephora:
0.5oz / 15mL travel size bottle = $14 USD / $18 CAD
1.7oz / 50mL full size bottle = $48 USD / $58 CAD
You can also buy it directly from Josie Maran at the same prices.

Why do people use argan oil?
Skincare and haircare -- natural nourishment and benefits.

How do I use Josie Maran Argan Oil:
  • Hair:
    1. Apply 3 drops (travel size dropper) to my palm
    2. Rub my palms and warm oil
    3. Evenly apply oil to my hair -- from the hair at my ear's length to the ends
    4. Heat style
  • Skin:
    1. Apply 3 drops (travel size dropper) to my palm
    2. Rub my palms and warm oil
    3. Apply oil to elbows

    Sometimes, when I'm running late with no time to moisturize, I will apply anywhere from 3-6 drops to my legs.  I did this on numerous occasions during the Summer, haha.
The Josie Maran packaging details that there's many more ways you can use argan oil.  See the packaging in my post when I hauled it.
Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos -- I threw out the packaging without taking any new photos...

None (fragrance-free)

Dry oil

It's a holy grail product for me -- I use it daily and year-round.  I foresee myself continuously repurchasing this product.

What makes it even more awesome:
  • the bottle is made of thick glass, and not cheap plastic
  • cruelty-free

- M


  1. I got it in Ipsy and I'm loving it like crazy! Definitely getting myself more argan oil ASAP. Great review.

  2. I've been curious try argan oil as well. Can you use this your face?

  3. I've never used it on my face; just body and hair. Argan oil is meant to be a multipurpose product though, so it's definitely face skin safe -- I've heard of many people liking it on their face. My skin is super sensitive and temperamental, so I don't risk it. Let me know if you try it!