6 September 2012

MUFE Rouge Artist Natural (N45 Red) - A not so scary red

When I saw the redness of this lipstick at the cash register, I was taken back.  But, it's not every day that Sephora Canada actually offers a decent Beauty Insider perk product.  I figured that I could always use a red lipstick, so why not.
To Sephora's standards, this product is generous, considering it is almost half of the full size.  This is 0.05 oz.  The full size of the Rouge Artist Natural is $22 CAD for 0.12 oz.
Shade N45 Red
I would classify this as a sheer lipstick with good pigmentation.  It applies very smoothly, almost like a glaze.  With one swipe, it looks like a sheer lipstick.  With three layers, it looks more like a lipstick.
three swipes
I like this lipstick more than expected!  It's really flattering on yellow skin tones, and makes my teeth look really white even though I wouldn't say it's a blue-toned red.

If you're interested, go redeem 100 points from your local Sephora now!

- M


  1. I've been hanging on to my points for dear life and this is no exception. Don't think I could do lipstick!

    1. hahaha, save it for your next trip to the states? how many points do you have right now?