4 September 2012

REVIEW: LUSH Solid Shampoo Bar in Godiva

Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar
Three weeks ago, I picked up a Godiva solid shampoo from Lush.  I've been using it as my only shampoo since then, and I absolutely love it.

If you're interested in its quantitative ingredients:

Anyone who frequently travels knows the pains of staying within airport security requirements in regards to liquids.  For a girl, trying to shove everything into one of those plastic zip bags sucks major ass.  So, being able to eliminate liquid -form shampoo is beyond awesome.  Plus, these solid shampoo bars barely weigh anything and take up as much room as a wallet.

When I went into the Lush store, I was strategic in requesting assistance from the sales associate with the thinnest and finest hair.  I have a lot of hair, but my individual hair strands are extremely fine and thin.  I wanted the opinion and recommendation from someone who knows what it is like to have fine hair - Unless you have this type of hair, you will not fully understand what it requires.
I told the girl that I had fine hair that tends to get weighed down easily by even the least amount of product.  I never use anything more than two drops of argan oil in my hair - no hair sprays, no shine sprays, no nothing.  I told her that I wanted a shampoo that was going to be able to clean my hair well without stripping or extreme clarification, yet not too moisturizing where I would have product buildup.  I needed a shampoo that was moisturizing enough for daily shampooing (I wash my hair every day).  And, the cherry on top of my long list of fussy requirements, it had to be a good bang for my buck - I must be happy with it throughout all four seasons (it cannot be one that is perfect for hot weather but not cold/dry weather).

It smells very strongly of jasmine.  I love jasmine scents, so it's fine for me.

How I use it:
After I wet my hair and hands in the shower, I rub the solid shampoo several times in my palm (a few swipes is enough).  Then, I put the amount of shampoo that was rubbed in my palm to my hair.  Afterwards, I just shampoo as I routinely do.  It lathers really well.

How I store it:
As mentioned in the post where I hauled Godiva, I store it in a square tin that's meant for their body melts.  It was $3.95 CAD.  The solid shampoo rounds were a bit oversized for the shampoo tins, haha.  According to online reviews, the Lush shampoo tins are horrible at sticking onto the solid shampoos - I didn't have this problem with the Lush body melt tin.  The key is to make sure you don't get water into the tin - I keep mine away from the shower spray, and my solid shampoo is only damp when going back in, not soaking.

As stated above, I love this solid shampoo.  It's a great shampoo that is able to fulfil my entire long list of preferences, and is perfect for travel.  According the the sales associate, each solid shampoo bar is supposed to last 80 washes, so, the thing is going to last forever.  Personally, I think $10.95 CAD for 2.5 months' worth   is pretty good - it would last ever long for those two do not wash their hair daily.

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