5 September 2012

M's try at Glossybox Canada

I've been hearing about all of the beauty boxes for a while, especially from the UK youtubers and bloggers (with whom I am obsessed).  I was happy to hear that Canadian girls had a chance at the same types of perks, but it's disgusting to see the calibre of products in Canadian boxes, particularly, those that are amazing in the USA and UK (ahem, Glossybox).  You must watch this youtube video by kokolaroo - it's an amazing rant hahaha.
UPDATE:  The Glossybox USA August 2012 is almost $100 USD in value, including a full sized Illamasqua nail varnish and a full sized Ellis Faas lipstick.  The Canadian box is only $6 less than the USA box (USA is $21 USD per month)... but, the value difference between the two is ridiculous.

With all that being said, the cat still wants to be killed by curiosity.  It's $15 CAD per month but I paid $13.50 CAD for mine on August 8th (google for first box coupon code - I used glossy10).  I just wanted one box, so I cancelled my subscription as soon as this August one shipped; before they charged for September.

I just received my August 2012 Canadian Glossybox yesterday morning.  Yes, you read right... it's September - Why the fuck am I receiving it now?  Apparently, everyone receives it nearing the end of the month or in the next month.  According to their facebook page, their wimpy excuse is there's a lot of ship.  You wish you could see my face right now.

Alike everyone else, I love the packaging.
Nice greeting.
Included products.
I can see this sitting in my bathroom for a while, waiting for the rare occasion that I need a spritz of hairspray.
Perfect, I'll bring these to my trip to Mexico next week.
UPDATE:  It's perfumed as fuck and leaves major film.
Formulation is super creamy.  Nice neutral pink.
Too bad the bullet fell out the moment I opened it - I wrote a complaint email to Glossybox right away.
UPDATE:  Glossybox responded to my complaint email and said that they were sad if I wished to cancel and if I sent them a picture of the faulty lipstick, they would send me a new one.
  1. I said in my initial email that I had already cancelled.  Even if I didn't, a simple glance at my account would show that I had cancelled.
  2. They should send a replacement regardless.  Even if mine wasn't already faulty, I could easily lie and rip it out prior to picture-taking.  

meh, but I prefer this non-existent colour payoff powder to the disgusting gold eyeliner I've been seeing in other versions of the box.
I'm a mask addict, so this is good.
Let me know if you have a subscription to Glossybox or any other beauty boxes.  Did you receive anything different from mine?

- M


  1. i loved reading this... you certainly don't mince words haha! :) i wish we could have sampled the illamasqua nail polish or the burberry lip mist from the u.s. glossybox. it's crazy that there's such a difference between the boxes from different countries. i'm gonna watch that youtube video tonight - can't wait!

    1. thanks so much for coming over to read this! i've always enjoyed watching your videos or reading your corresponding posts on your blog! agreed, i wish the canadian glossybox better utilized their global network. it seems like they're slowly improving - unfortunately, their counterparts are getting exponentially better.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, I noticed you as a new follower :D It makes my day to have a new person visit my blog.

    I got a slightly different box than you which came with 2 broken lipsticks... They're supposed to send out a "new box" as they put it. I don't know if that means a whole new box with all the products or just replacement products but I guess I'll see. Seeing how long it takes them to get their boxes out, I imagine I could get it around the same time as this month's box - next month! haha

    I'm not ready to cancel just yet but I promised myself to not have more than 2 subscriptions at a time so if Glymm has something good next week, I'll cancel this one and go back to Glymm which I cancelled after last month's awful box.

    1. Ahh thanks for dropping by!

      Yikes, two broken lipsticks... I think you might actually get an entire new box, because the person I was emailing with told me that they would send a new glossybox lipstick in my September box if I was continuing with the subscription. Of course, I am not, so they will be just sending the lipstick as a standalone package.

      I just got invoiced for TopBox, so I'm looking forward to my first box from them instead!