2 September 2012

M went to Sephora to get her VIB Birthday Perk

I went to the mall yesterday to pick up my annual Beauty Insider Birthday Perk from Sephora.  On the way, I made a quick detour in The Body Shop.

At Sephora:
Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo Birthday Pack (complimentary)
Fresh Birthday Pack ingredients
Hello Kitty Compact Mirror ($7 CAD on sale)
Sephora Professional Cream Eyeshadow #25 Brush ($9 CAD on sale)
MUFE Rouge Artist Natural in N45 Red (a generous 100 point perk at 0.05 oz - full size bullet is 0.12 oz)
N45 Red
At The Body Shop:
They were having a promotion where most of the items in the store were $30 CAD for 4.  I have a Love Your Body loyalty points card, so I get an additional 10% discount.  In total, my purchase was $27 CAD before taxes - I had $42 CAD in savings!
Coconut Body Scrub 200 ml
Coconut Body Scrub
Olive Body Scrub 300 ml
Olive Body Scrub
Olive Shower Gel 750 ml (I got one and the boy got one)
Hope everyone's enjoying their (long) weekend!
- M


  1. what? grrr i missed the mufe lippy 100 point perk... sephora always has perks i'm not interested in when i go to the store

    1. it's ok - save your points for your next trip to the closest sephora across the border ;)