4 June 2012

M's Summer Nails!

My toes have come out to play!
Pretty sure I'm going to be rotating the following:

Essie As Gold As It Gets
It's really nice and subtle.  It's supposed to be a top coat, but I've used it as just a simple glitter polish too.

Essie Lapiz of Luxury
This is my all-time favourite polish, especially for summer.  It's this perfect light blueberry with a slight lavender-undertone colour.  Non-streaky, and completely opaque finish in 2-3 coats.  It's a beaute.  You don't need a top coat either - really nice natural shine, and it lasts for weeks without chipping.

Revlon Whimsical
This is supposed to be a dupe of the Deborah Lippman's Glitter In The Air.
I bought this because R and her nail polish shenanigans.  It's a nice grey-blue shade with blue and pink glitter particles.  Reminds me of an easter egg, haha.  The glitter's a bitch to get off, but when I use it over my Essie Grow Faster Base Coat, it comes off much easier.

OPI What's With the Cattitude
This is old.  It was part of the Shrek collection and one of my first higher quality polishes.
It's a very nice sky blue with great opaque finish within 2 coats.

Now, my summer nail polish collection is nowhere near R's extensive gallery, I would recommend you reading over her cuticle and polish remover recommendations.
- M


  1. all shades are amazing! love especially the essie top coat! xx

    1. Thanks for coming by! Your blog is so cute and your cheekbones are to die for!

  2. that first one is really gorgeous x