28 June 2012

Cotton Pad Storage Container - IKEA SLOM Jar

I'm always interested to see how people store things on their vanity desk or in their bathroom, where ever it is that you keep your beauty and make up items.  So, I figured I would share how I keep my cosmetic cotton pads clean and sanitized within the bathroom.
I use the 34oz IKEA SLOM jar.  It is made of glass, with metal clasps.  When I saw it at IKEA, both the 17oz and 34oz were $3.99 CAD each, so I just got the 34oz.  I think this was in the kitchen area.
Inside of lid has rubber suction lining for air-tight seal
Clasp opening - super sturdy
Lid opens easily
I filled it up with cosmetic pads and kept it in the cabinet underneath my sink.  Now that I've become a Bioderma cult member and using cosmetic pads daily, I'll probably pop by IKEA and get the 17oz one to keep on my bathroom counter.
Update - June 29, 2012:  Got the 17oz one for $1.99 CAD! 

- M

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