22 June 2012

COMPARISON: bikini so teeny & lapiz of luxury

R is a maniac.
She stalked down the new Essie Summer 2012 collection, specifically Bikini So Teeny.
I attempted to convince myself that I didn't need it, because I felt like it was exactly like my Lapiz Of Luxury (which has is my all-time favourite nail colour).  Needless to say, I failed... since you're reading this post now.
Here we go.
left: bikini
right: lapiz
Obviously different.
On paper.
  • Both can be considered "periwinkle" but Bikini So Teeny seems more of a white-based periwinkle, whereas Lapiz Of Luxury is a lavender-based periwinkle.
    Karen (Makeup and Beauty Blog) has a less ghetto professional picture of Bikini So Teeny that is true to the colour I see on my nail: Click!
    The Lacquer Log has a less ghetto professional picture of Lapiz Of Luxury that is true to the colour I see on my nail: Click!
  • Until these photos compared to Bikini So Teeny, I've never noticed that Lapiz Of Luxury may have a bit of a grey tone in it... perhaps, it's because it has more purple in it?
  • Bikini So Teeny could be considered a blue-r sky blue - the deep blue type that you would see on a sunny summer day with no clouds.
  • Bikini So Teeny has a very discrete shimmer (you can see it catch the light in the second picture, above).
  • Lapiz Of Luxury has no shimmer or sparkle.
  • Both are opaque within 2-3 coats, but Lapiz Of Luxury appears a bit "sheer" compared to Bikini So Teeny - maybe because of Bikini So Teeny's white base?
  • Both have a gloss finish.
  • Both wear incredibly, without chipping.
Verdict:  The two are definitely different, and much more different than I had expected.  Lapiz Of Luxury remains my all-time favourite nail colour because it is much more subtle and perfect year-round.  It is equally great on hands or feet, and appropriate for the office.  On the other hand, Bikini So Teeny packs much more punch as a great bright light blue, but may be more fitting on the feet than hands in non-summer months.  It may also be a little bit too bright for the office.

- M

P.S.  Check out my previous post on my nail colours of choice for the Summer:  Click!

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