18 June 2012

Review: Bioderma Sensibio/Créaline H2O Solution Micellaire (Micelle Solution)

Behold, the makeup remover used by every makeup artist, blogger, youtuber, and their mom:
I got this a month ago from Murale to try out and now that I've got less than 10% left, I feel like I can give it a proper review.  As you can tell I bought the 100mL travel size one to try out, just in case I didn't like it.

Feel and texture:
Completely identical to water.


None.  Dries exactly like water.

I love it.  The bottle is completely leak-proof.  After I bought it, it was thrown around in my handbag before I got home.  I've dropped the bottle twice in my bathroom without any problems.
They have designed it such that you cannot screw open the cap.

How I use it:
In the morning:
After I wash my face, I use the Bioderma as a toning cleanser.  I soak a cosmetic cotton pad and wipe my entire face and neck, and then continue with lotion and make up.  There is no need to rinse the Bioderma with water.

At night:
For make up removal, I soak a cosmetic cotton pad with Bioderma and hold it over my eye for 25-30 seconds (depending on how much make up I have on that day), and then wipe/slide it down along with my lashes.  All of my eye shadow and water-resistant mascara comes right off on the single cotton pad.  What's kinda cool is that the removed eye make up actually appears on the cotton pad exactly it does on my actual eye; not a blurr or smudge of make up as it would look on a make up wipe.  I can actually see the individual coats of mascara on each lash.  There's no need to scrub or rub as I would with a make up wipe, so I don't damage skin or collagen within skin.
After I have removed all of the make up off of my face, I wash my face with a face cloth (even though the product says that there's no need to rinse off the solution).  Then, I soak a second cotton pad and use the Bioderma as a deep cleanser/toner, to remove any excess make up, dirt, and oil that hasn't been removed already.  I don't rinse with water after the second cotton pad of Bioderma.

At first, I was kinda meh about it.  I felt that it was good but not as crazy amazing as the fan girls and boys on the cyberspace praise it.  But then, when I went back to my HG make up remover:  Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent and it just wasn't the same... I'm a convert.  Best thing about Bioderma is that it removes make up with such ease and there's no need to rinse or wash my face afterwards.  It leaves my face feeling so deeply clean and soft, without any tightness or dryness.  It also doesn't leave any sort of film of stickiness on my face.  Kinda crazy but my skin is just left feeling in its best possible condition.
I have sensitive, combination skin with hormonal acne, and this solution works perfectly for me.  I'll definitely be re-purchasing it in the 500 mL bottle.

I bought this 100 mL travel size bottle from Murale for $6 CAD.  It's apparently hard to get hold off in the UK, according to my girl crush, Vivianna.  You can read on her thoughts on the solution as well as where she gets it here and here.
Please note that I have the regular Sensibio H2O solution, not the TS version.

- M

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