8 June 2012

Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick - 322M Corail in Love

In late April, R and I rekindled our platonic relationship and went on a semi-massive haul.
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That day, I had gone into Sephora to swatch the hell out of Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in 336 Saint Tropez because of RAEviewer's video (click! - watch at 2:27).  I found Saint Tropez pretty nice on my hand, but when I tried it on my lips, it wasn't nearly as smooth and glide-y.  On my hand, the colour was a nice light nuded orange, but on my pinky-mauve natural lips, it came off as a porno-nude type of lip - ugh.  Needless to say, I passed on it.

Obviously, that didn't mean that R and I left Sephora...

Instead, I got intrigued by the Lancome Rouge in Love section.
The 21 colours are split into 3 categories:
M - Jolis Matins (fresh daytime shades)
B - Boudoir Time (pop of colour cocktail shades)
N - Tonight is My Night (intense evening/night shades)
See KarlaSugar (aka. swatch royalty) for swatches of all 21 colours - click!
RAEviewer swatched a few too, including Corail in Love - click!

After much swatching and comparing, I picked up Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick in Corail in Love (322M):
Just at that beauty - How could I not?!
Lancome advertises it as being 6 hr long wear and featherlight - I completely agree!!
It's just the most perfect pinky coral for me.  I'm able to wear the trend without having orange clown lips that smacks across someone's face when they see it.  Yet, at the same time, when this orange/coral frenzy rolls over, I'll still have a very wearable colour.  I love its versatility because I can wear it any time during the day or night; casual or dressed up.  On my pinky-mauve natural lips, this shade can look either slightly more pink or slightly more coral in certain lighting - I love that!  It's also very pigmented so two coats and I'm happy.
It's this really awesomely smooth silk finish that's not quite matte, but not shiny either.  After I've applied it, I can smack or rub my lips together and they'll feel like I'm not wearing any product on my lips at all - not even a balm feeling!  The bullet just gliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiides along with complete ease.  I don't have to be fussy with making sure I have well-moisturized or exfoliated lips - I just put it straight on my lips without any balm or liner and it just makes my lips look super soft and effortless.  It seems to hide any dryness or imperfections.
Super duper long wear.  I can blab, drink, and eat all I want and it's still just as awesome as when I first applied it.  There's no drying, no tugging, no smudging.  What's awesome is that it doesn't even transfer when I'm drinking or eating!  This doesn't mean it's a stain either, because if I want to remove it, a dry napkin or tissue is enough.

I love love love this lipstick, including its adorable but classy packaging - it's super light and fingerprint-proof!
It's more affordable than some other lipstick giants.  I got this at a Canadian Sephora for $30 CAD, but you can get it online or in the states for $25 USD.
(If you do buy it, make sure you keep the box if you want to remember the colour name and letter.  The sticker on the lipstick only has the number).

For a non-lipstick wearer, I've been trying to wear this at any given opportunity.  If it was a limited edition release, I would probably buy a backup - that alone says enough about how much I love it.

♥ M

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