14 December 2012

M's China & Taiwan Beauty Haul

Hello Strangers!

It's been a while since the last post.  I went on holidays to China and Taiwan for a month, and R is a lazyfuck.

I wanted to share (cough showoff cough) my beauty haul from the trip (cue photos galore):

Please note that the currency in China is RMB (1 CAD = 7 RMB), and the currency in Taiwan is NT (1 CAD = 28 NT).  In other words, I bought a lot of shit.

from duty free
I will be doing a full post on this later
it's supposed to whiten your pits lol
this was 29 RMB for 2!
I gave one to R
floral AND fruity scent!
this was 109 NT for 2! (I gave two to R)
I bought a box to try since they were only 100 NT!
velcro sheets to keep your hair up without creasing it
20 NT for a pack (2 sheets in a pack)
my beloved lip ice
(see R's post here)
they come in a pack of 4
80 NT for two packs
These are my favourite makeup wipes (see my post here)
stole the two cherry blossom scented ones from my mom's duty free 6-piece assorted hand cream pack
the 6-piece pack contained 2 cherry blossoms, 2 dry hands, 2 lavender - a complete steal at 269 RMB (~$6 CAD each!)
I was completely out so bought one from duty free for 180 RMB ($25 CAD!)
they're normally $40 at the North American counters... wtf
MSF in Soft and Gentle from duty free
I have no idea how much it was... Mom got it for me
$24 CAD from duty free
Normally $27 CAD at Canadian counters
(see my review here - clearly, I lied about not running to buy it. it saved my skin in China and now I'm hooked lol)
I bought a shitload of these grapefruit scented oil blotting films
I think they were 20 RMB each
My Beauty Diary face sheet masks (each box has 10 individually packaged masks)
389 NT for 2 boxes, which is ~$7 CAD per box
they normally retail for $15 CAD per box here!
I will probably do a full post of these later
I stocked up on Asian pads!
they fit me a lot better, so I always stock up whenever I go (they're also a lot cheaper at 14 RMB per pack of 16 pads)
I spend about 1000 RMB on just pads every time I go to China and it lasts me about 2.5 years
(imagine me strolling around Carrefour like no big deal, with a shopping cart filled with bright pink pads lol)

- M

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