6 November 2012

NYX LLS Series Round Lipsticks (Fig & Tea Rose)

During a 20% promotion last month, I picked up these two NYX Lipsticks.  According to the NYX website, they're part of the LLS Series.

I wanted all of them, but ended up just getting the two shades that I've been eyeing for a really long time.
Fig is a beautiful mid-tone warm pink.  When applied to my deep pink/light mauve lips, it appears as a warm coral.
Tea Rose is a natural, pinky nude.  When applied to my deep pink/light mauve lips, it appears like a my lips but better pinky mauve.
Fig (LLS640) and Tea Rose (LLS628)
I like wearing Fig and Tea Rose together on days when I feel like Tea Rose is too muted and Fig is too bright.  I apply Tea Rose on my upper lip and Fig on my lower lip, and then press them together a few times.

The texture and application of these LLS Round Lipsticks is amazing.  They're so velvety smooth and super soft - They kinda remind me of MAC Cremesheen but without the melting, haha.
The only off-putting thing about these lipsticks is the scent.  It has a very slight plastic soap scent.  You don't really notice it when you're wearing it though.

I got each of the lipsticks just under $5 CAD at my drugstore, but I know, you can get them for even cheaper in the states.

- M


  1. I just bought the same 2 yesterday! I actually like the texture a lot better than MAC lipsticks, they don't slide around so much. =]

    Btw, which drugstore did you buy it at? I ended up paying around $8/ea. at London Drugs =(

    1. I got them from London Drugs too! I picked them up earlier when the entire brand had a 20% promotion. Wow, did they get marked up?! When I saw them, they were $6 regular priced.