20 December 2012

December 2012 Topbox (Version 21)

I skipped doing a post on the November 2012 one, since I was away and it was already well into December by the time I had returned from my trip.  Please note that I was very pleased with the November box, which could have lead to overly high expectations for the December 2012 one.  There's also the whole holidays hype thing, too.  Am I so wrong to expect red glitter fireworks to come out of this December 2012 one?

Anyway... here it is:
solid effort - too bad it's the only festive thing
everything's white or a shade... lol
pretty excited about this
apparently a salon exclusive brand/product
Overall, not a bad box, and I like how all of the products were well tailored to my beauty profile (I'm a mask and exfoliant hoarder, who heat-styles way too much).
I know I said I like musky scents, but had I known the super cute Chloe mini bottle was an option in this box, I would've selected sweet-floral.  Plus, it made me think of the cute Balenciaga swag I missed out on in the September 2012 box (see Petite Pear Style's post here).

P.S. I'm hoping this a-perfume-a-box isn't sticking around... (I received a 4 ml Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush in my November 2012 box).

P.P.S. Topbox has increased their subscription price from $10+tax to $12+tax.

- M

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