19 December 2012

REVIEW: MAC Mineralize SkinFinish (Soft and Gentle)

As mentioned in my haul post, I picked up the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle at the duty free shop going outbound from Canada. yes, already started hauling shit before I even left the country, haha.

Aside from Benefit Highbeam and Dior Amber Rose, this is all the shit highlighter within the beauty youtubing world.  So, naturally, I've been eyeing this for a while.
its ingredients
the closeup
the swatch
How I wear it:
I lightly press against it with the Tarte blush brush that came with the Carried Away with Tarte collection (see post here), and brush along the tops of my cheekbones.  I also dab a finger against it and lightly apply along the length of my nose and on my cupid's bow.

How it wears:
I've only worn it in the evening/night, and it had lasted up to 8 hours without any setting spray or touch-up.  Even though it's a dry product, it didn't dry out my skin or enhance any dry spots.  I like that it's not a wet application product (see:  Benefit Highbeam), so it makes it hard to overdo the highlighting.

I can see that it may be easily duped, and I wouldn't doubt that there's probably tons of cheaper alternatives out there.  Please do note that this highlighter is super finely milled so there weren't chunks of glitter all over, and it didn't appear obvious that I had used a highlighting product.  Additionally, once applied, it didn't budge on my face, so I didn't end the night looking like a discoball.

It adds a nice finishing touch, especially during the colder months when my skin gets even more pale.  Soft and Gentle hides some of the Winter dullness and enhances any definition in the face (as should any highlighting product).
Overall, I really like it.  The pricetag ($29 USD) isn't too bad considering you're getting an insane amount of product.

- M

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