16 December 2012

Les Minis de Chanel (Collection of 6 Essential Mini Brushes)

As mentioned in my Asia Beauty Haul post, I bought this at the duty free shop at the airport, on the way back to Canada.  For the entire month that I was in China and Taiwan, I had not seen it at any Chanel counters, so I thought it was either a holiday exclusive or a duty free exclusive... and then, I saw it at the Murale/Shoppers Drug Mart, lol.
I think the gold lettering/detailing is exclusive to the Asia market though, because the ones I saw at Murale had deep red lettering/detailing. (desperate attempts at making myself feel special...)

The price tag was quite hefty though.  It was 589 RMB (around $84 CAD).  It appears to be retailing at around $120 USD at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.
I've never spent so much on brushes, omg.

In any case, I love it.  So would any beauty junkie.  If you know any, I would highly recommend gifting this to them for the holidays ;)

love the details
the brush holder on the left is an unattached flap
there's a full mirror on the other side
the glory
The brushes are a blend of both synthetic and natural hairs.  They're super soft to the touch!

- M


  1. Beautiful I got this for Christmas as well this is the new set not an duty free exclusive I got it in Holland, the set with the red letters is from holiday 2011. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks for the comment! It is a beautiful set, indeed.