10 May 2012

Urban Decay - Mushroom (Reformulation)

I saw her holiness, Christine (Temptalia), swatch the new reformulation of this UD eyeshadow in Mushroom, and I was sold.
I raved through all of my fav bloggers and youtubers, and shortlisted my must-have list to Mushroom and X.

Yesterday, I saw that my local Sephora FINALLY chucked out the old eyeshadows and got the new ones.  Obviously, I swatched the fuck out of ALL of shades, haha.  (By the way, Sephora needs to fix its lighting... it's either straight up yellow or white.)
X ended up looking too pink on my skin tone... so I looked like a 3 year old playing with makeup.
But, I HAD TO HAVE Mushroom omgaaaaaaad.  Couldn't even wait to go down to the states and pay $18 USD instead of $22 CAD.  Yea, that bad.

Behold, ze unboxing striptease...
This is ONE swatch.  Look at that pigmentation!

Verdict:  I fucking love it sooo sooo much.  It is actually a much more pigmented dupe of the top-left shade in the Chanel Fall 2011 Prelude quad.
(I'll be doing a Prelude dupe post soon!)

♥ M


  1. M, how does this compare with the eyeshadow texture in the Naked 2 Palette? I find that I get a lot of fallout compared with my MAC eyeshadows, but I still love the colours so I use it anyway.

    1. I found out for myself after mulling over all the Urban Decay products on Sephora's website. Apparently the Naked 2 Palette eyeshadows already have the new formulation.

    2. Hey Cindee, thanks for reading my post! Yes, you're correct; Naked 2 was the first introduction of the new formulation. Recently, UD re-released their eyeshadows to have the new formulations, with some shade discontinuations and new shade additions. I find that the fallout is very minimal in the new formulation and the amazing pigmentation wears all day with no creasing. I always wear NARS smudgeproof eyeshadow primer with my eyeshadows. Hope that helps you :)