15 May 2012

Chanel Fall 2011 Prelude DUPE?

Chanel Prelude was released in the Fall 2011 collection and it's my all time fav quad ever.
R knows that I rave on and on about it.  It's the only eyeshadow that I've actually made a significant dent in!
Thank fucking goodness it's a permanent!  Here's CafeMakeup's non-ghetto swatches of Prelude: click!

There are two shades within the quad that are mini orgasms.  Both are on the left side of the quad.
I've been trying to find the Chanel singles of both for the longest time but Chanel's a bitch, so... yeah.
Anyway, the point of this post is that I'm convinced UD Mushroom is a way more pigmented dupe for the upper left and Burberry Rosewood is a slightly more sandy dupe for the lower left.  (Click on the links to see my respective posts)
(L:  Chanel Prelude, R:  Burberry Rosewood)

 (L:  Chanel Prelude, R:  UD Mushroom)

 (L-R:  UD Mushroom, Chanel Prelude, Chanel Prelude, Burberry Rosewood)
(L-R:  UD Mushroom, Chanel Prelude, Chanel Prelude, Burberry Rosewood)

I bought the Chanel Prelude at Nordstrom for $57 USD, UD Mushroom at Sephora for $22 CAD, and Burberry Rosewood at Holt Renfrew for $33 CAD.
Shit that's a lot of money.

♥ M


  1. M, you could buy at least two UD Naked palettes (but obviously that Chanel palette looks gorgeous). Completely jealous of your makeup collection, but couldn't imagine having that much makeup in my house. I request your next post to be you about your giant makeup collection.

    1. Naked isn't even on the same platform of comparison as Prelude! Plus, did you know that Sephora is selling both Naked and Naked 2 for $60 CAD each?! Very sly of them to change the price of Naked when Naked 2 was released.

      Haha, my makeup collection is big, but definitely not giant. Though, a post would be quite extensive. I'll see what I can do ;)