29 May 2012

R returns with a haul (Sephora, Urban Decay, Nails Inc., Burberry, NARS)

It's me again, R.

Since my last post, Sephora's "promotions" have compelled me to buy a lot of useless shit that I don't need.  They had the $15 (or was it $10?  Don't remember...) voucher a few months back, then they had the whole 15% off shebang a few months later, and now tons of Summer collections are coming out to taunt us and challenge our willpower.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I am weak.

So, over the last few months, I've accumulated what can be lamely and uncreatively characterized as a collective haul.  I replaced my glass nail file ($10 CAD) for the second time (once it hits the floor, it splits in half and there's no salvaging it).  I much prefer glass nail files over the paper/foam variety and *especially* over metal ones (shudder).  On this same trip, I got the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Blending Brush ($19 CAD).

I got it in the hope of applying crease colours in a more precise manner, as my hooded eyelids provide little a canvas.  I actually haven't even used it yet.  Perhaps that speaks to the necessity of this purchase.

Then a few months later was the big Sephora/Pantone Universe collaboration that inspired the 15% off event.  Yes, I did go to Sephora quite early to avoid fighting off makeup-crazed fiends like myself.  I wasn't quite successful in that regard, but I did get manage to buy more shit-I-don't-need and acquire the sample pack and Sephora umbrella.  I believe M already detailed the contents of the swag in her haul, so I shan't repeat them.  However, I did use the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and I have to admit that I felt a (significant?) difference in the texture of my hair.  Alas, I was begrudgingly impressed.  Still, how can anyone who isn't a gajillionaire justify a 30-dollar shampoo and conditioner (EACH)?!  I cringe at even 5-dollar shampoos.  Oh, and I must mention that I don't really like the scents.  It's not offensive or anything, but it smells a little cleaning-producty.  It almost smells like men's shaving gel, which I usually enjoy.  But, I enjoy them on ma man, not on ma hurr.  You know what, scratch that.  It just smells like alcohol/chemicals.

Anyway, in that same transaction, I purchased the Sephora Nail Colour Remover.  I don't know why it's so difficult to locate, but even the Sephora "sales associates" (whose service and overall product knowledge always leaves me wanting, to say the least) did not seem to know about its existence.  This one girl tried to tell me it's only available as an in-store sample.  Lol.  The bottle sitting on my bathroom counter begs to differ.  But, I digress.  Remember I hauled this in Vegas?  Well, I'm in love.  It's heads, toes, knees, and elbows better than the much-hyped Zoya nail polish remover.  Unfortunately, it's impossible to find in the larger size, and it seems to be on the brink of discontinuation, especially given how they're pushing their new Instant Nail Polish Remover/Express Nail Polish Remover.  I also got the Nails Inc. Neon and Nude Collection ($30 CAD).
Love the box.  Not gonna lie.  It was part of the reason I made the purchase.
This kind of shows truer to the colour.
 I couldn't wait to try the neons out.  Here's a picture with a manicure inspired by Lorraine in this video.

The coral and pink were gorgeously bright, but the yellow-orange one (not pictured) was angry at my skintone.  It just looked wrong--almost to the point where people may think I'm jaundiced.  I haven't actually tried out the nudes because they are not exactly nude enough (against my skintone) to be work-appropriate, and when I'm on days off, I like to have bright, bold, loud, in-your-face, colourful, WTF, explosive--you get the idea--nails.  The fact that these are miniature bottles means that the brushes are also significantly smaller.  My personal preference is for larger, flared out brushes, as opposed to dinky, thin ones.  The viscosity of the polish (compared to other popular brands) also excaberate my dislike for thin brushes.  Nevertheless, the neons serve their purpose in getting my heart a-racin'.  I'm still looking for Color Club's selection of neons.  They have NEON neons, but they aren't sold where I live.  Sad face.

And finally, I caved and got the Naked Palette.  I ain't linkin that shit because y'all know what it is, how it looks like, how it feels, how much it costs, and all that jazz.  I said jazz.  Not jizz.  Admittedly, it is a very nice palette to have, especially for you US folks, as it's 10 bucks cheaper to purchase.  It really is a steal.  I've only been using the leftmost two shades, Virgin and Sin, so far, and lining my eyes with a bright colour from my Coastal Scents 88 Palette.  (ie. Sin all over the lids, Mac's Soft Brown on the crease, Virgin under the brows, and dip my damp, angled eyeliner brush on one of the 88 colours.  I love the aqua colours.)  In fact, Coastal Scents' eyeshadows have been the only ones that haven't been ruined after making love contact with water.  My Mac eyeshadow was destroyed after dipping a damp brush in, and my Nars eyeshadow (which the Sales Associate insisted was MADE for wet application) also did not fare well.  Anyway, no regrets about gettin' Naked.

And finally, about a month ago, M and I had a reunion of sorts.  It had been awhile since we'd seen each other, so we decided to go on joint shopping venture.  After much buzz about Burberry's Pale Barley eyeshadow, we wanted to check it out for ourselves.  Now, we've both individually made stops at the Burberry counter before.  She had a particularly bad experience the first time around, and waged war against the SA.  For me, I just didn't want to get attacked by a commission-hungry SA.  So, finally, we decided that together, we can ward of the vultures (By the way, it seems like every time I go to the Burberry counter, they tell me about some one-time exclusive event that I must hurry up and sign up for.  Kinda makes me question their selling points as (1) they tell me about it like, every time I go and (2) if you're telling ME about it, it ain't exclusive in any way, shape, or form.)  Anway, after checking out Pale Barley and Midnight Brown and Trench, and all that savoury shit, we decided that Rosewood was just too gorgeous to pass up.

We each bought one for our greedy selves at $33 CAD.  Good lord that's expensive.  Oh well.  I love how luxuriously weighty it is and that the surface area is large enough for you to generously swoosh your brush around.  In comparison, Chanel's offerings of single eyeshadows tend to feel relatively less luxurious, and it's just so goddamn glittery.  AND the surface area is quite small, so when you swoosh your brush around, eyeshadow gets all over the compact.  Anyway, that's another topic for another time.

Also on this trip, I acquired NARS's Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio ($55 CAD).

Fuckin' running through hills singing to the soundtrack of the Sound of Music about this one, man.   I was kinda sad when MessyWands said that she could have done without it, but I have no regrets at all.  I must mention that I am not a big Nars fan to begin with.  I think it's really expensive (lol, I know.  Hypocritical much?) for what it is, as their eyeshadows tend to be too chalky in my opinion.  Nevertheless, I've seen many a reviews before I made the purchase, and I feel like this trio looks gorgeous on ANY skin tone.  It's just...a breath of fresh air.  I frickin love it.  I actually fantasize about putting it on.  Yeah, it's getting to that point.

By the way, I just wanted to express my gratitude to M for putting up with my overall laziness.  She even defended my honour by pointing out that I've been quite busy with my move and everything.
Here's proof.
I mean, sure that took up a chunk of my time, and I work a lot, but there are times where I just sit and vegetate to a tv show or youtube video or whatever--time that could have been spent being an equal contributor to the blog.  Not that M is free-time Freddie herself.  I mean, she's doing this on top of school, work, and life.  Anyway, hugs and dry humps for M.

- R

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