13 May 2012

Burberry Beauty Sheer Eye Shadow - No. 9 Rosewood

Ok, sooo... since all of society (the makeup bloggers and youtubers, that is) has been jizzing about Burberry Beauty, R and I have been curious.

A month ago, I finally trekked over to Holt Renfrew (think Canadian Nordstrom, except more ghetto).
The mission was to put my fingerprints all over their S/S 2012 collection and swatch the fuck out of Pale Barley in particular.
Here's Christine from Temptalia's swatches of Pale Barley:  click!
Here's Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book's swatches of Pale Barley:  click!  (Rosewood is in there too.)

The Burberry sales associate pounced on me and I caved into getting a makeover from her... seriously, I have issues saying no to people - WTF was I thinking?!
Anyway, long story short she uses the entire S/S 2012 collection on my face and I look like a fucktard.  I was completely turned off by Pale Barley because of her shitass makeup application capabilities... somehow, she made the texture of everything chalky and nasty.
I did not even try to act nice about how I felt about my face... I basically bolted out of the makeup section... fucking hell I had to go upstairs to get through the rest of Holt Renfrew and get my ass out of there.  Thank goodness there was a Sephora just downstairs from the Holt Renfrew entrance to the rest of the mall.  I NEVER use Sephora's display shit for anything more than swatching, but hell, I was desperate... scrubbed the shit out of my face with some Philosophy Purity and tissues.

Anyway, now you have that dandy story in your repertoire of Burberry beauty impressions... haha.
A couple of weeks ago, R and I went on a dangerous makeup haul trip together... and we went to the Burberry counter at Holt Renfrew... and of course it's the incompetent sales associate that ruined my face.  She recognized me right away and strayed away, haha.  She briefly chatted R and I up and then went off to her own shit, while R and I swatched the shit out of everything.

Ok, so I stand corrected, Burberry eyeshadows are NOT chalky... the sales associate is just shit.

R and I both walked away with Rosewood.  It put me $33 CAD in the red, but it's a fucking beaute.
Plus, it's 0.088 oz of product... If I'm willing to pay $22 CAD for 0.05 oz of a UD eyeshadow, c'mon...
(Yeah, that's my justification for it, hah)


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